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Article: Black body white bone


Black body white bone

Black body white bone Without a doubt the most anticipated book of the year! Guardbook is in fact the new issue of the famous magazine Garden Published by Tomm Wong, close to Michael Lau. After two numbers released at the end of 2004, then a special Garden tribe number released in 2005, Tomm will go very far since this 400 -page number is announced as the Bible of black and white figurines! We already know the quality of the photographs in the preceding numbers, and we look forward to discovering this one. To accompany this work, Michael Lau has created a brand new figurine on this concept. New, yes and no, since for the body, he took up the form of B/W which is part of the 6 inch guard family. What is new in this figurine is all the new ideas he instilled in the project. Black body white bone (This is his name) will have a transparent wig, black and white paintings on the body. But what is likely to impress more than one is that he imagined an alternative version Glow in the Dark, but beware, the figurine will shine in two different colors! Green and blue! Great art for this figurine and this book which should be available before summer. Black body white bone

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