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Article: Boba Where The Wookiee Things Are PEW-PEW by Whereschappell

Boba Where The Wookiee Things Are PEW-PEW par Whereschappell

Boba Where The Wookiee Things Are PEW-PEW by Whereschappell

For the occasion he realeases a series of 3 resin figures named Where The Wookiee Things Are PEW-PEW. You've grabbed, we're swimming in the Star Wars universe. For Whereschappell, it's a question of representing Boba Fett's character, an unscrupulous bounty hunter who has been seen working for Jabba the Hutt in particular to attack Han Solo. With its helmet, combat suit and Blaster EE3, this Boba Fett is impressive.

But did you notice his feet ? No boots here but hairy feet that obviously recall those of the most famous Wookies : Chewbacca ! This figure makes an interesting mash-up between the hunter and his prey, mixing visual codes specific to each. That's why we find a miniature Millenium Falcon in the Boba hand; this ship actually belongs to the mythical duo Han Solo-Chewbacca.

3 variants are offered by Whereschappell : Kenner Pew Pew (with the light blue helmet), Jedi Pew Pew (with the dark khaki helmet) and Holiday Pew Pew (with the azure helmet).

Measuring approximately 18 cm, these WTWTA Pew Pew figures will be available for pre-order on the cracked hatchet website from June 30th!

Credits : Whereschappell

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