Buff Monster Teddy Troops

I love the rose and I'm from Hollywood. No I am not paris hilton but the teddy troops revised and corrected by Buff Monster Who will have, along the year 2008, sown his style among the manufacturers as a American rapper distills his little seed and is found with 4 food pensions on his arms. It's a 10 inches, the helmet is removable, and we do not really know what is hiding below (as under the cap of an American rapper but not the same as above history of variety). As you are friendly I note that this object of all coveties will be present on our selling spaces in a few weeks. I like to maintain the blur as to the date, that's what makes the strength of our relationship. For not you get up I also send you the photo of the same Mr Monster project but this time with Wonderwall: And when an artist does stuff with several toys manufacturers you say nothing, so why do not you let me see other women? How does it "no report"? Oh if human relations were as simple as the Toys my alliance would be in soft-vinyl.
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