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Article: Christmas gift: vinyl & co on the planet chain on 24/12!


Christmas gift: vinyl & co on the planet chain on 24/12!

Oh yes ! The where you expected it at least, the info is loosened. Indeed the documentary vinyl & co on which we have been working for several years will be broadcast exclusively on the chain PLANET tomorrow (and multi-ciffuse). For those who do not know what he returns, I copy the statement: Art Toy, do you know? This very trendy movement includes artists who create decorative objects of adult collection evoking toys. You still do not see? This documentary draws up an inventory of this market in full explosion in France. It is in Japan and Hong Kong, at the end of the 1990s, that the first art toys take shape between the hands of artists from different universes such as contemporary art, comics, illustration graffiti , WebDesign, Fashion and Street Art. These figurines are created in limited edition and sometimes sold virgins, allowing their acquirers to customize them. Their presence in France, at FIAC 2007 in particular, testifies to the growing interest in this movement in France. But how to explain this passion for these artistic toys? In Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Paris, artists' workshops in trendy magazine drafting, this film goes to meet creators, buyers and collectors. These testify, surrounded by their toys, their craze for Art Toy. Dissemination dates: Wednesday, December 24th 20:45 Friday, December 26th 13h50 Saturday, December 27 0:10 Thursday, January 2nd 13h50 Monday, January 5th 2h35 Tuesday 13 January 13h35 To receive Plake All you have to do is subscribe to Canalsat or cable. Planete - Vinyl & Co Directed by Johan and Jonas - 2007 - 52 '' Merry Christmas to all! We wait for your comments following the diffusion of the docu !!!

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