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Article: Chaos Monkey by Bunka // Released September 11 (Release + Expos)


Chaos Monkey by Bunka // Released September 11 (Release + Expos)

Chaos Monkey by Bunka

Chaos Monkey is the very first figurine of the illustrator and French artist Bunka on the new label ARGOYZ ORIGINALS, introduced by the French company ARTOYZ.

History / Mythology

Absolute puzzle for zoologists, Chaos Monkey has been seen on multiple periods of history in different continents.

It would likely be one of the first genetic mutations ever realized if we believe the analyzes that always allow the doubt about its exact origin.

With wide ocular globes, the chaos were in captivity in ancestral jails until the day they escaped to devour what the planet counts to be alive.

Their short legs and their disproportionate arms give them incredible displacement capacities which does not leave any suspicion of hope for their victims ... that they will eat well obviously.

Of the immensity of their eyes, they are billions of monkeys who observe us while waiting for a revenge they imagine well bloody.

From now on frozen for figurine, the hypnotic gaze of chaos and its small incisive teeth will continue to stick to belly fear.

Chaos Monkey by Bunka

Bunka has noticed through very impressive customs of figurines, pushing the boundaries of the support with each new realization. It is therefore no coincidence that one of its recent creations has been awarded when selling charity PARIS SMALL at the house of Christie's In June 2008.

At the exhibition WE ARE CHAOS At Artoyz (in duet with Niark1) he presented a multitude of canvases that decline this stealth and carnivorous monkey, the vinyl version of Chaos Monkey being one of the variations of its preferred primate. Chaos Release To celebrate the exit of Chaos Monkey, ARTOYZ will welcome two events, first in Paris, then in Lyon. Bunka invited several illustrators to participate in an event around Chaos, including:

Niark1, Koa, Aisk, Gregos, Ilk, Craiion, Doberman, Doze, Strom, Leon.

Here is an overview of Aisk's illustration:


Below are the dates of the events:



il a les tofs de levents ?

No author

Hello Sydiev,

La figurine sera commercialisée à partir de Jeudi 11 septembre au prix de 25€ en boutiques et sur le site

No author

Excellent !!!!
Merci pour la réponse et le prix abordable en plus c’est une bonne surprise. Je m’attendais à du 75 e minimum. Merci pour les petites bourses ;)

No author

Félicitations, avons hâte de connaitre son petit frère !

No author

j’en ai mis sur mon blog ; )

No author

merci pour les commentaires !
Les illus pour l’expo sont vraiment très surprenantes et il y a du beau niveau. Je pense que cela vous plaira.
Il y aura aussi des petites surprises lors de la release, venez nombreux, on est très content de sortir cette figurine qui nous ravit tous !

No author

Ce Chaos est tres attendu !

No author

et l’illus d’aisk défonce !

No author

Il me tarde il me tarde :lol:

Bon je crois que vous l’avez compris mais ce toy m’excite au plus haut point, certainement la meilleure nouveauté toy de 2008 en ce qui me concerne!

No author

Ca y’est enfin reçu le Monkey. Il est superbe. Bravo.

No author

Content que çà vous plaise!!! Et merci d’avoir eu confiance en nos premiers pas dans la production!

No author

:question: je l’ai reçu et je reste bouche B :question:

Bravo Bunka, bravo Artoyz Une collab’ qui cartonne !

No author

J’ai hâte de voir ça en vrai, parce qu’il a vraiment de la gueule ce toy.

No author

Est-ce qu’un prix a déjà été fixé ? S’il y a commercialisation bien sûr ? ou juste expo ?
Sinon gros coup de coeur pour ce chaos monster

No author

Bravo BUNKA on t’adore

No author

Le toyz en lui meme est vraiment très plaisant mais je trouve que la couleur nuit a la figurine et l’envoye à la limite de la laideur … avis très nuancé.

No author

aplausos !!para artoyz exelentee!!!

No author


No author

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