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Article: Chris Ware

Chris Ware : Comics de répétition

Chris Ware

There are three types of humor in this world: the rehearsal comedy, the rehearsal comedy, and ... the rehearsal comedy. Chris Ware understood this adage to the point of becoming one of its masters during the Angoulême comic book festival. In 2013 he was on the short list to receive the Grand Prix, no luck, Willem took it. In 2018? Richard Corben, 2019? Rumiko Takahashi. 2020? Emmanuel Guibert. A pretty crazy number of failures that will forever consecrate Ware as a magnificent looser.

However, in 2021, his name is also found on a shortlist of 4 names. Rusty Brown, his last book had yet left empty-handed while Benoit Peeters (President of the Jury, specialist in Ware and author of "Chris Ware: the reinvented comic strip") explained that the book was out of competition and that it would be necessary to reward the work of the author in its entirety.

And then on June 23, the unthinkable happens. After a string of prestigious prizes ranging from the Eisner Award (22 times) to the Harvey award (28 times), Chris Ware receives the Grand Prix de la ville d'Angoulême for his body of work.

Chris Ware was born in 1967 and grew up in a family of journalists where he saw several original drawings that were published. Once a student, he drew for the Daily Texan, the student newspaper at his university in Texas. Spotted by Art Spiegelman, he will make two short stories in RAW magazine and in 1987 will release Floyd Farland, Citizen of the Future, a youthful work that was so disappointing for the author that it is rumored that he would have bought them. last copies to make them disappear.

It was in 1993 that his career took off with Acme Novelty Library. In this collection, first edited by Fantagraphics Books before Ware himself publishes them, the author has fun with the object. Varying the forms (strips, poster, newspaper), the weights and requiring a constant involvement of the reader as in Building stories (2007) which asks the reader to create his own reading path.

Unpublished in France for several years, the Acme Novelty Library will be published in the form of collections with Jimmy Corrigan in 2002 at Delcourt, Quimby the mouse at the Association and ACME in 2007 again at Delcourt.

On our site, you can find Rusty Brown, the artist’s latest work and Jimmy Corrigan’s spiritual sequel. A crazy, dense, overwhelming work in addition to being a great gateway to the world of Chris Ware.


Still delivers with Monograph by Chris Ware. An exhaustive and fascinating review of 25 years of career, all sublimely edited by Rizzoli.


And to finish, the highlight of the show, the icing on the cake, the little digestif after a hearty meal: a 13 cm high figurine of Jimmy Corrigan by Presspop.


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