Coarse comes out a new duo of figurines!

Real or false friends? The question could be asked for each of us and it is precisely what is mentioned Coarse With its new creation You Used to Keep Me Warm. She sets the stage Noop, the masculine character flagship of the creative duo, and PAW, the animal character. If in appearance this set of figurines seems to show a complicity scene, it is actually question of hold. PAW does not protect NOOP, it covers it from its bad wave here represented by the cloud, held by PAW on his stepladder.

The title shows this amical ambivalence that brings together the two characters and the link they must get rid of being hurting anymore. That's why Noop carries a rain trench -realized as a real clothing - which protects it from PAW and its bad waves. Available on October 1, You Used to Keep Me Warm will be presented in two versions : Loser, with PAW holding the black and NOOP cloud with the gray trench, and Nightshade With PAW and its ultra-color cloud above the Nooop head, in transparent rain trench. Vibrant, these figures ofCoarse will be available in duet or solo.

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