CraftTholic, Japanese Doudou!

Arrival in 2013 in France, after visiting Tokyo, Singapore and Taiwan, the Craftholic brand settles in Paris in 2016.
Specialized in the fluff, CraftTholic offers you mainly comforters, cushions or accessories of all kinds for all occasions: birth, birthday, christmas, etc ...

The brand declines its creations through 4 mascots: Rab, the rabbit: always in a good mood and very talkative, Sloth, the bear: calm, but funny despite its air Tristounet, Korat, the cat: aka "Professor Korat" (his Friends can always count on him), Loris, the monkey who loves to party and gluttony is his cute sin.
The characters who interest us are especially RAB and Sloth that we offer you on the site!

You will find a Bearbrick and a Rabbrick in 400% and 100% format for this collection Extremely Kawaii !!!

Find all the world of Craftholic on their Facebook page!

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