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Article: Dalek Space Monqees - Back to Sources


Dalek Space Monqees - Back to Sources

Dalek Space Monkeys Qee Series 1 I remember that among my first Toyesque acquisitions a few years ago I cracked for a Space Monkey de Dalek Sony Time Capsule version. Coup de chance I bought a box and I came across the secret. Lack of pot The secret It was not a Monkey Space but a whack-a-mole species at the con which was an extra accessory for the monkeys of space if you had 4 or 5 others. Time capsule dalek As much to tell you that I was disgusted and that I would have preferred to spend my wheat in the pinball from the coffee down from home. Besides, I have only slightly snatched when Dalek took out the spot Monkey in Kidrobot, and a resin space Monkeys at Cereal Art, nevertheless rendering a proud tribute to the original illustrations. Yes but good a resin. Hum. SPACE MONKEY RESIN In short all that to say, after the IceBots (I did not say anything), after the Spacebots (I did not say anything either), and the Qee Spacebots (encouragement) the collaboration between the former assistant of Takashi Murakami (I speak From Dalek La) and the Hong Kong manufacturer of figurines that we know pretty much (I speak of Raymond de Toy2r la) continues for the worst and the best. As we talk about the best, it falls well this series of Space Monkeys in QEE would be part of it that it would not surprise me. Planned for the end of September, until the 10 designs are a little class, in addition it seems that the new heads are more easily managed manifestly since we attend an invasion of new tronches on our QEES. The geometry of its style is very prolific on this series or none looks like another, except the color tones and the very military atmosphere of the darkest characters. Dalek Skate Decks Dalek returns strong. Let's hope there will be 8 inches. Finally yes it's logical there will be 8 inches and they will be better than every 8 inches as Dalek proposed until the. I want to take the bets. Not too big the bet but ok if you're ok. Oh then no friend's bet. Even if you're not my friend. Finally if you are my friend. I'm confusing myself. I'm going to bed. But it is only 17h30. Ok I'm fucked, see you tomorrow.

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