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Article: Delusionville Minis by Ron English X Pop Life

Delusionville Minis par Ron English x Pop Life

Delusionville Minis by Ron English X Pop Life

Figure jamming, this practice of cultural diversion, Ron Français specializes to create character pieces at multiple pop references. Do you remember his Fat Tony? As a reminder Tony The Tiger is the mascot that we find happily on the kellog's boxes ... Ron English is satirical, pointed and each figurine is an event.

For Delusionville Minis, he associates with Pop Life imagining a set of 12 pieces in which we find classic characters of his universe like Elefanka or Smiley Face. Of course, some characters from the Rabbit series are from the party highlighting its criticism of a society that is too hierarchical and often unfair. Here animals, which replace humans, have exacerbated features and expressions and have saturated colors as to highlight ambient exaggeration.

Delusionville Minis of Ron Français and Pop Life is already a must-have and will soon be available on our site.

Credits: Ron Français / Pop Life

Source: The Toy Chronicle

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