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Article: Donuts Party! 31-01-08> 01-03-08 // Artoyz Paris

Donuts Party! 31-01-08> 01-03-08 // Artoyz Paris

Donuts Party! Welcome to the Party donuts ! Opening of the new exhibition at Artoyz Paris From Thursday January 31 at 7 p.m. Donut tasting with the participation of Coffee Union, and tasting of Grolsch. Curated by The Delkographik studio Who asked about fifty French and international artists, to offer an original creation on the theme of Donut, among which:

Tado (Uk), Jon Burgerman (Uk), Parskid (USA), Kelly D. Williams (USA), Nanospore (USA), Jeremyville (aus), Tamar Moshkovitz (Il), Cupco (aus), Loulou (NL)

, Rey Mysterio (Ar), Tummie (NL), Poch & Rock (FR), Yo Player (FR), Superdeux / Unchi (FR), Skoly DK / UNCHI (FR), KOA / LVL (FR), DOBERMAN / LVL (FR), STROM / LVL (FR), LLOR / LVL (FR), Jeanspezial (FR), DZGN Bio (FR), Reuno (FR), Open Close (FR), Guillaumit (FR), Pulco Mayo (FR) , Maikuru (FR), Tizieu (FR), Arnau Garin (FR), Reazo (FR), Gregos (FR), Les Brothers Ripoulain (FR), Josephine Gravis (FR), Ah (FR), Dub! (FR), Martin Libertin (FR), Mocosa and Co (FR), Sylvain Chaussee (FR), Jonat (FR), Pierre-Edouard Joubert (FR), We Love Monsters (FR)

And for this Parisian session, second by the name, we invited new artists to bring their sweet stone to the building:

Base 23/DCIDE (Germany), Run (France), Poana (France), Jun Seo Hahm (USA), Raoul Sinier (France), ILK (France), Yuck (France), The Pit (France), Sauerkids (Netherlands), Lennard Schuurmans (Netherlands), Ohm (France), Calourette (France).

Here is an overview of new creations to make you salivate a little more:

Donuts Preview

The opening will take place Thursday January 31 from 7 p.m. at Artoyz Paris! Personally I salivate in advance .....

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