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Article: Elements Alpha Series> Artizarnal


Elements Alpha Series> Artizarnal

You remember may be suddenly on Artizarnal and the exhibition Eight bits boy who took place at Artoyz a few months ago and who had sown the disorder in the spirits. Does the game really exist? Myth or scientific reality? Still he had succeeded his shot by presenting a universe particularly pampered around this character and video game in which he evolves (ray). The Revoy and this time (for the very first time!) In figurine, on the element of fire. Perfectly recreating a game level 8bit style / retroaming, no one can remain indifferent to the multiple details that appear on the Toy. The big pixels are precisely printed without overlay, the colors do not drove, the strata of the perfectly horizontal marine funds allow to recreate a level of play on a small surface, rounded that is. Little 8Bit Boy in submarine funds leading his vehicle and browsing the big 8 in-room attack, the detail that kills? The ratio of this character is 1/25. One per box! Artizarnal is currently redac-chief of Tcho magazine! And you can find episodically the adventures of Eight Bits Bits in this magazine.

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