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Article: Elements Alpha Series> March 2009


Elements Alpha Series> March 2009

Except in the context of a nuclear threat or a global crest, the Alpha Series Elements, very first series of figurines ofARGOYZ ORIGINALS, will be available in the next 15 days! We are waiting for everything to the plane before announcing the date, but it finally gets closer to it. We will introduce you the 20 designs of the series on the blog in the days that follow, too I invite you to take a tour very regularly in these places to discover the series in its entirety, room per piece, designer by designer. Stay Ted on the Artoyz Blog, We Will Unveil Every Piece of Our Forthcoming First Series: Elements Alpha Series, Due In A Couple of Days! 20 Designs and Their Creator, So Follow Step by Step The Hotness of This Release.


Des dessins toujours aussi beaux,classe,je me régale je viens de temps en temps voir les nouveautées.maman de SYLVIE.

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Bah ça c’est cool ça !!!
Hâte de voir ça !!!
Big up la team ATZ. ^^

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