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Article: Elements Alpha Series> Nyno


Elements Alpha Series> Nyno

Nyno tried to push us in our last entrenchments, and he was right the guy! In any case, its graphic proposals required the development of secret production techniques. His character, based on the water elements has a little head as an aquarium. The Koi carps that you see are printed inside the figurine, on the transparent basis that serves as a frame (nor nor screw, or glue). His signature on the back of his jacket parodys a famous logo. The hands are also transparent, just like the tronch of the perso. A figurine whose ratio is 1/25. For Info Nyno is touched at all: illustrator, animator and has just finished the animations of the clip of Kid Cudi, directed by So-Me, including the title DAY'NITE Carton in original version as in remix mode by the Crookers. [YouTube][/youtube]

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ce mec a un bel avenir devant lui
et je suis serieux

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