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Article: Elements Alpha Series> Supakitch


Elements Alpha Series> Supakitch

Madness of details and colors for the element decorated by Supakich Who made some workers crying because the finesse of the features and the mixing of colors that slide even on the character's papattes. Beautiful signature in full behind the head and multiple effects on the rest of the figurine. If the photos leave you puzzled, wait to see them in real life. The ratio is 3/100 (it starts to become rare it tell me!) Supakitch and his companion Koralie realized the cover of the last issue of Graffiti Art. Checkez his myspace For more info and recent work.


prévenez moi quand le toy sera prêt

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je suis une fan de supaKitch

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Pour l’avoir chez moi, avec d’autre créature étrange, je peux vous dire qh’elle est super chouette!!!!

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