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Article: Elements by Artoyz (New Pics)


Elements by Artoyz (New Pics)


We are proud to introduce you to the first images of the Figurines project by the French company ARTOYZ, Elements is a project based on illustrations of Easy Hey collective Delkographik, modeled by GREGOS, and produced by Artoyz. The first prototypes of these figurines that will emerge in 2008, 4 characters are planned Dores and already representing one of the elements (air, water, fire, land). These prototypes were presented at Who's Next Last week.

As you can see about these images, there are different types of hands that will accommodate Moult Accessories. You probably remember the project Imaginary Toy Who was unveiled almost two years ago, this one takes life with several other characters resulting in forming a homogeneous series.

The attached photos are images of prototypes and modifications will be able to intervene on the finished product.

Thank you for telling us what you think about the project in the comments and do not hesitate to ask any questions that observe you, your favorite form etc !!

WE ARE Proud to Unveil The First Pics of the Forthcoming Toy Project Produced by the French Company ARTOYZ in collaboration with Easy Hey (Illustrator from the collective Delkographik) and GREGOS (3D Model Maker): Elements.

Each Figure Symbolises An Element (Water, Air, Fire, Earth), and IT Will Feature Accessories and Interchangeable Hands. Those ARE Prototype PICS, Final Product May Vary.

We Are Eager to Read Your Comments About This Project! WE ARE VERY Excited! Please Tell US What You Think and Do not Hesitate to Ask Questions.

Release date: 2008.



Earth Elements



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