Elevate Blue Edition of Louis de Guzman comes out today!

The Chicago artist returns with a third interpretation of the celebrary BART SIMPSON, the terrible child of the family imagined by Matt Groening. If his first room was faithful to the colors of the character and his mythical skate, this third blue version plays the monochrome card, echoing the previous all pink.

Known for his graphic universe, ultra colorful and abstract, rhythmic geometric shapes, Louis de Guzman do honor to his reputation. For this 8 "blue figurine, the American artist plays the destructured side to reveal the relief in this light blue whose flat is perfect.

Announced on Instagram, ELEVATE BLUE EDITION500 pieces to find again tonight 21h exclusively on the site of Louis de Guzman.

Credits: Louis de Guzman

Source: Instagram Louis de Guzman

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