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Article: Eloquence Magazine - Vol.71


Eloquence Magazine - Vol.71

Image host It is with great pride that we appear in the last volume ofEloquence magazine, a beautiful Korean magazine featuring artists and artistic initiatives, from all over the world. Design, Arts, Architecture, Fashion, Illustration, Photography, Advertising, Music, Cultural Development ... everything passes!

This number 71 is mainly devoted to the Korean event that has clearly fury: theArt Toy Culture (You're talking about it here), And in these pages we can find an article on ... ARTOYZ! We do not hide that we were more than happy and honored to discover it. Image host Translation :

In 2003, Artoyz started with very few ways, only the website Founded by four Graphic Culture and Toys Culture Friends, the company quickly became great, including many and famous Store concept, like Colette. Faced with a strong demand from all over Europe, the four men quickly started to become a distributor for many designer brands of Toys, such as Toy2R, Kidrobot, AdFuntur, Muttpop and Bonustoyz. Following a growing success, they decide to open a shop in 2005, located rue de l'Tree dry, in the first arrondissement of Paris. Artoyz is today the biggest blind of Toys in Europe, with a surface of 50 square meters, the gallery welcomed prestigious artists, like Yukinori Dehara, Circus Posterus, Mr Clement, Tim Tsui, Pete Fowler, Mist, Bunka, Superbye and Tik Ka. Since its inception, Artoyz has proposed more than fifty exhibitions!

In 2008, they were able to realize their greatest dream: to produce their own Toy and all this creates by their own brand, Artoyz Originals. Since then, they have made more than sixty toys in collaboration with artists such as Alexöne, Jonone, 123klan, Mist, Superwink, Easy Hey, Bunka, Stephane Levallois, Brandt Peters or Kathie Olivas. They also collaborated with Leblon-Delienna, a 30-year-old French company, with the aim of producing vinyl toys from licenses such as: Mickey Mouse, The Looney Tunes or Smurfs. On top of that, Artoyz also offers prints and clothes, with their brand Atz by Artoyz.

Find Eloquence magazine on their official site / Facebook

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