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Article: Expo Wooden Aro by Steph.cop> Vernissage Thursday June 4

Expo Wooden Aro by Steph.cop> Vernissage Thursday June 4

Steph.cop, artist at the same time designer, graphic designer and stylist, reveals her new creations on Thursday June 4, 2009 at Artoyz. THE toy-designer has redesigned his favorite character Aro, and has declined it in several models, all cut in centenary trees. Steph.cop, co-founder of Brands streetwear Homecore And Ladysoul (of which he was artistic director until 2005), embarked on the creation of vinyl figurines from 2000 in collaboration with the label Bonustoyz. After this first collaboration, Steph.cop develops Aro, and makes it a cult figure of the Urban Vinyl scene. In 2009, with graphic designer Beekei, they created the label 2Headed which will have the vocation of the development of limited series of objects and clothing in close collaboration with artists. Which will create a new approach between the universe of toy and streetwear. With Wooden Aro, Steph.cop admits having launched himself in a craft project, the aim of which was to get closer to the spirit of toy Using a noble material, and a barbarian tool. Indeed the Wooden Aro were sculpted using a chainsaw weighing almost 7 kilos, which forced Steph.cop to review his way of creating. "With such a tool, you must have a perfect spatial representation of the piece to be cut, because the heavy and powerful machine does not allow any fault". The artist had to learn to use his chainsaw instinctively, in the middle of the forests. He describes this learning as "magic as soon as we control a little, it is a work of forced in paradise, the sound of the machine in the middle of the silence of the centenary trees" Put yourself a little in legs and eyes below. The address of the gallery and the concept were not consulted, however .... Magic of the miracle of the unexpected!

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