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Article: Exhibition/exhibition "Paper Whispers" by David Monteiro

Exhibition/exhibition "Paper Whispers" by David Monteiro

Paper whispers is the first solo expo of David Monteiro. This exhibition explores the multiple relationships that the artist maintains with his very first expression medium: paper. In contact with the artist's tools, sounds take shape and differ depending on whether you stick it, cut it, scratch it using a pencil or a marker, that we folds it in order to give it new perspectives. If the murmurs of it are often only perceived by the one who works it, they are all proof of the soul of this matter. From the dialogue maintained between the artist and his support is born a dialect, understandable of all and decryptable with the rest of your senses. The paper will therefore be at the center of the new works that David Monteiro will present, whether it be creations while pushing the limits of the art of the Papercraft, or illustrations. David Monteiro was born in the mid -1980s, he worked in an agency as D.A., and continued to exercise these freelance activities since 2010. At the same time, he participated in collective exhibitions with illustrations, paintings, customs under the name of Craion. He is also the creator of Tishiho, a character who accompanies the DVD of the documentary "Vinyl & Co" around the culture of the Designer Toy. “Paper Whispers” is the first solo show by David Monteiro (aka hellosmellytrees) This exhibition explores the relationshipship between the artist and his first media of Expression: Paper. The Contact of Tools on Paper Creates Musical Tones; If it is bent, cropped, cut, or scratched, it will, with the help of a pencil or sharp pen, produce different effects. Even if these effects produce Just Whispers, Heard Only by the Artist Himself, they are Evidence of the Paper's Soul. The Dialogue Between the Artist and His Canvas Creates A Unique Dialect; Understandable and Decodable with the Help of the viewers' Senses. Paper Will Be at the Center of These Unique Pieces of Work that David Will Showcase During this exhibition, include Paper Crafts, Wooden Creations and Illustrations. David Monteiro was born in the mid-80’s, he worked as an a.d. in various agencies, and still works as a freelance A.D. he has taken part in several collective shows over the past few years, with paintings, custom toys Now illustrations Under the Moniker Craion. He’s also the Creator of Tishiho, the vinyl Toy that was include in the vinyl & co documentary about Designer Toy’S culture. The opening will take place the / The Opening Party Will Take Place on Thursday, November 24, 2011 at 7 p.m. The exhibition will be visible to / The exhibition can be seen from November 24 to Saturday December 31, 2011 This exhibition is part of this exhibition is part of the Character walk by pictoplasma. Expo partners are / Our partners are: Grolsch Graffiti Art Magazine 90BPM Everything for the eyes. ARTOYZ 45 Street of the dry tree 75001 Paris Tel: 01 47 03 09 90

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