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Artoyz Originals presents fellstar and megastar, first vinyl figurines created by 123klan. The French collective 123KLAN Based in Montreal for 2 years, unveils with Fellastar and Megastar A new facet of their infinite creativity. Key in digital creation, Scien and Klor have imagined quantities of iconic characters born from their ability to break the codes between graphics, graffiti and illustration. Informed Typographers and Graffiti Writers adulated, the style is for them the message they propagate on all possible media and imaginable since 1992. It is a whole new generation of graphic designers who cite them today as reference and inspiration. . Long was waiting, but great is the revelation with felllastar that will satisfy both the collectors of designer toys as well as the enthusiasts of graphic culture. Perched on his big boots, Fellastar is an android with a resolutely urban look very faithful to the characteristic style that made the famous duo. His weapon is a machine gun guitar that he can hold in plays or leave in shoulder strap. With the help of his faithful comrade MegastarHe enforces the order on earth and beyond, starting with the mastery of their juristed enemies Alfa and Newtron. Decorated with the help of the geometric shapes and logos of their composition, the first vinyl offshore of the 123KLAN is a perfect mix between their vectorized characters and their unique typographic world. These 6-inch articulated figurines are sold in a superb packaging illustrated by the duo. FELLASTAR: Small and ingenious, so much so that he looks up alone, he has almost infinite memory, by cons physically he has his limits ... even if he has the power and strength of 10 Shaolin, today This is no longer enough in the galaxy to avoid ending in case of scramble. His dream: buy a botty guard to protect him from the ruthless alfa and take a picture with Lou Ferrigno or Patrick Duffy. Megastar: Best friend of Fellastar and always ready to defend his friend in case of scrambles. Like him, he moved to the earth and today resides in Paris. From France, he enjoys cooking, architecture, fashion, literature and the contradictory spirit of the French. His dream: open a hairdresser on the Champs Elysees. Fellstar - Regular Version - 6 Inches - 700 Pieces - Release January 2010 Megastar - Artoyz Version - 6 Inches - 200 Pieces - Exit December 2009 Download High Definition / Download HD Pics (Photos by Eric Peltier). Français version after the jump: Artoyz Originals presents Fella Star (and Mega Star), first vinyl toy created by 123KLAN. The French collective crew 123KLAN, based in Montreal for a couple of years, unveils with Fellastar a new side of their infinite creativity. A must in the numeric creation, Scien and Klor have created quantities of iconic characters born from their abilities to break codes between graphic design, graffiti and illustration. Brilliant typographers and beloved graffiti writers, the style is the message they spread on every visual aid possible since 1992. A whole new generation of graphic designers refers to them as a source of inspiration and a influential reference. Long awaited first figure is now in the starting blocks, and Fellastar will match expectations from both toy collectors and graphitism lovers. Standing on its high boots, Fella Star is a cool smiling android with a strong urban attitude, true to the featured style they built their fame on. His weapon of choice is a guitar machine gun he can aim to his opponents, or slung over the shoulder. With the help of his sidekick Mega Star, he makes earth (and beyond) a peaceful place, first by kicking his sworn enemies Alfa and Newtron. Decorated with a handful of geometrical shapes and logos of their composition, the first vinyl creation from 123Klan is a perfect crossover between their vectorized characters and their unique typographical world. These articulated figures are 6 inches high and are sold in a sweet packaging designed by the duet. About Fella Star : Small and ingenious, he updates on his own, has almost infinite RAM but has physical limitations. Even if he has the strength and force of 10 Shaolins, it still isn’t enough today in the galaxy for him not to end up as a pile of junk if he gets into trouble. His dream : To buy a botty guard to protect him from the ruthless Alfa and have his picture taken with either Lou Ferigno or Patrick Duffy. About Mega Star : Fella Star’s best friend, he’s always ready to defend him in case of trouble. Just like him, he now lives on Earth and resides in France. Based in Paris where he enjoys the “cuisine”, the architecture, he literature and the contradictory French spirit. His dream : To open a hair salon on the Champs Élysées.


Du très lourd ! ( je trouve les affiches très sympa au passage) =)

No author

C’est qd La date de sortie exacte ?

No author

une idée pour le prix ?

de chacune des figurine ?

No author

Sublime :)

No author

excellent, vive le 123KLAN!

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Ah, elles sont tout simplement magnifiques, je pense que je vais me les commander… Puis 123Klan quoi! :) Et sinon, je viens de finir mon premier Toy et je suis bien content d’en être venu à bout… Say hello to Gisèle:

(c’est pour le girly contest) :D

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une idée du prix ?

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