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Article: KEEPERS FINDERS by Joe Ledbetter


KEEPERS FINDERS by Joe Ledbetter

FINDERS KEEPERS A small preview for a big series of mini figurines that a lot of people was waiting for a series of mini on the part of the villain Jojo, Joe Ledbetter: FINDERS KEEPERS True to its "post-cartoon" style mixing innovative shading and tridimenional effects as we have seen on the famous Mr Bunny, Firecat and Ringo Bear. This series happens at the right time, because not only will we stop repeating but the mini series of Kidrobot have been affected by grace for some time (except some questionable artistic choices, the quality is tirelessly at the rendezvous) and especially LedBetter N 'has never left the series of original mini. Certainly he decorated from the Qee, the Trexi, Dunny, but with regard to the true ledbetter at reasonable price, one could only take his trouble in patience. One can see on the image 8 characters, including 5 or 6 different shapes: a brown fan, two brown and green squirrels punked with a torque of Ringo Bear in view of the legs, two alpacas orange and red, two tigers tooth of Blue and yellow sword in the line of a Firecat, as well as a snail. I insist on the snail because despite the fact that it is a little discreet in the middle of all the pictures, it is the most original creation of the lot. Beyond this you will find the style that made the celebrity of Ledbetter, but also the colors he likes (no doubt you too). The discreet illustration also suggests small pigs (at least two) and maybe other forms still to constitute in all likelihood a series of 10 characters. It will be necessary to wait until the end of August to see these small wonders disembar. Kidrobot will have a lot of other exits on this precise month but we have all the time in the world to talk about it. Tell us what you think about voting just below 1 to 5.

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