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Article: "Throw Up" by Jonone


"Throw Up" by Jonone

The Newyork Jonone is one of the artists from the most recognized graffiti in the art world. He has been exposed for more than 25 years on the walls of cities and galleries. Today it is a return to the sources for Jon, with a volume edition of its mythical tag. A sublime plastic with transparent vinyl plastic of 40 cm x 15 cm, arranged in a plexi box. Two versions Clear and Clear Blue, limited to 100 copies each. A collaboration Blackrainbow (BKRW) and ARGOYZ ORIGINALS. Born in NYC, Jonone is the a graffiti artist. HE Lives in France for Quite A Long Time, And He's One of the Most Praised Artist from The Graffiti Scene. He's Been One of the Earliest Artists from The Golden NYC Graffiti-Era and He's Now More Active Than Ever. HIS Works Can Be Seen Around The World, Exhibiting and Creating Non-Stop with True Unique Style. Today He is Back to His Roots with the Edition of His Iconic Throw-up Tag in Clear Vinyl. Two Editions (Clear & Clear Blue) for this 15-inch Piece. 100 pieces Limited for Each Color. A Collaboration Between Blackrainbow (BKRW) and Artoyz Originals. Back to the roots with the Edition of His Iconic Throw-up Tag in clear vinyl. Two Editions, Clear & Clear Blue, for this 15-inch Piece. 100 pieces Limited for Each Color. A BETWEEN collaboration Blackrainbow (BKRW) and ARGOYZ ORIGINALS. Exhibition "Throw up" on Friday, November 25th from 18h. One Night Only! Blackrainbow - 68, Rue des Archives - 75003 Paris Preorder this exclusive piece on the Artoyz Preorder This Exclusive Piece on Artoyz Website.

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