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Article: Fluffy House comes out the Serie My Dear Deer

Fluffy House sort la serie My Dear Deer

Fluffy House comes out the Serie My Dear Deer

And we need it right now! Between restrictions and confinement we have trouble seeing life in pink ... unless we let ourselves be carried out by the'amazing sweetness that emerges from the new serie imagined by Fluffy House. Yes, the name of the publisher says a lot about the type of figurines you can find there. Cute, with pleasant colors, everything is done to make you feel good. it's been an excellent reason to discover My Dear Deer (My dear deer or my dear deer) of Fluffy House.

Here everything is only invitation to reverie. Yes, we do not cross deer or deer with pastel colors every day ... small and adorable, these Figurines 5 x 6.5 cm Count in their enchanted ranks 3 deer and 3 docks with acid colors to collect. You understood it, a wonderful world is offered to you with these blind box My Dear Deer ofFulffy House, To discover without delay !

Credits: Fluffy House

Source: Fluffy House Instagram

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