Focus on some exclusives DesignerCon 2019

It's simple, everyone is there! A bit like the San Diego Comic-Con (ultimate reference), the designercon brings the cream of the cream designer toys and publishers who came to show new products and exclusives all craziers than the others. Obviously we find giants like Medicom, Mighty jaxx Where Kidrobot but also artists such as Jon Paul Kaiser, Yoskay Yamamoto, Tara McPherson or Ron Français.

A real creative festival during which you will find for example The exclusive 100% Bearbrick series imagined by Medicom, containing the creations of Steven Harrington, Tristan Eaton, Joe Ledbetter, Luke Chueh or Kano. For sure it will tear yourself as small breads! On the Kidrobot side surprises are not lacking either. We find in particular Hello Kitty in a teenage version perfectly imagined by the artist Candie Bolton. Curiosity will take you to Jon Paul Kaiser's stand which has prepared a very sharp customs firefloped; The choice will be difficult!

Well, you still have to say that the designercon is at Anaheim south of Los Angeles. For those who do not have the chance to be on site, go to the social networks of the brands present or the designercon.

Credits: DesignerCon / Medicom / Kidrobot / Artoyz

Source: DesignerCon

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