Fools Paradise makes a Jordan XXL figurine

Fools Paradiseis still where we do not expect it and yet we know his love perfectly for the figurines of pop culture. But is that Michael Jordan is part of pop culture? It is in any case known to all for its basketball exploits its Number 23 become mythical. The legend of NBA therefore inspired Fools Paradise who dedicates him A figurine XL of nearly 53 cm ! We find Jordan with his red / white / blue jersey.But not only.

In addition to finding his jersey, Fools Paradise wanted to arouse envy among the Hypebeast By adding to Jordan's feet the famous Air Jordan 1 in collars with Dior. Of course it's not the logo of the French house you find but the F of Fools Paradise. The attention to detail is pushed even further with two interchangeable heads, a normal and one of the horns. Yes, bull, bull, horns. An abyme that is not displays the basketball fans who will have no trouble spending to buy the figurine XL Three King: Two Three of Jordan.

Credits: Fools Paradise

Source: vinylpulse

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