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Article: Fools Paradise Parts on Traces Of Forrest Gump With Super Run 3

Fools Paradise part sur les traces de Forrest Gump avec Super Run 3

Fools Paradise Parts on Traces Of Forrest Gump With Super Run 3

Film at 6 Oscars, Forrest Gump of Robert Zemekis (Back to the future) upset the year 94 with a social fable on America of the 50s, 60, 70 and 80 view by Forrest Gump, a man with a mental retardation. It is sitting on a bench telling his life to whoever wants to listen to him that one discovers one of the highlights of his life: he was an exceptional marathon. Having ran more than 3 years across the United States. This is precisely this event of the film that Fools Paradise materialized by a new figurine.

Third in a series initiated in early 2019, Super run 3 show it mash-up Between Mario (a leitmotiv at Fools Paradise) and Forrest Gump. So we see a figurine whose character has long and tangled hair, a red cap on the head and the famous Nike Cortez - slightly modified - to the feet, mimling the end of the MARATHON stage of Forrest Gump. Yes, after 3 years to run the country, it stops in the middle of a road released this famous phrase "I'm Pretty Tired" Before making rear machine to get home.

From the top of his 32 cm Super Run 3 - I'm Pretty Tired of Fools Paradise, edited to 398 copies and presented at the price of $268, makes us want to start A special cinema collection !

Credits: Fools Paradise

Source: Fools Paradise

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