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Article: Double White Gamecat by Sank Toys is available!

GameCat Double White par Sank Toys est disponible !

Double White Gamecat by Sank Toys is available!

Impossible not to recognize the design of this portable console that has shoved the video game codes in the 90s. Released in 1990 in France, the GAME BOY We allowed to play games in 8-bits like the mythical game Tetris. No wonder that near 30 years later she is always inspired by designers. Among them, artists from Sank Toys who pay him tribute via a Resin mini figurine !

If we were already very attracted by the Neon Green version exit there is little, This double white version We make it clear from the eye. More refined, almost crystalline, the figurine of nearly 4 cm does not have to blush from its small size. With its details of transparency, holding on a strong feet, it will be perfect in your special 90's collection! Most ? Cat-shaped console corners! Criding, simply. Available at the price of £ 30, Double White Gamecat of Sank Toys is on sale on the Toy Chronicle website, especially.

Credits: Sank Toys

Source: The Toy Chronicle

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