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Article: Guard Meets Nike

Guard Meets Nike

Guard Meets Nike Guard Meets Nike 2nd event simultaneously for Michael Lau in Hong Kong and this time it is for the opening of the Nike Central Shop in Hong Kong. Michael Lau remains faithful to the brand with which he has already done the exclusive MR Shoe project. The inauguration will take place on September 29 at Nike Flagship (and will last a month). On this occasion Michael Lau will come out his 103 Gardener To which he will have added 3 new characters: Crash M Dummy and are two characters straight from the crash tests (quite anecdotal on the images). Crash M Dummy Crash F Dummy The 3rd guard represents Steve Prefontaine In full effort, that runners know well: This is the first athlete runner on foot sponsored by Nike in the 1970s, it represents the Nike myth by itself. He was long considered one of the greatest runners on foot, with a very aggressive style and it was one of the greatest hopes of American sport. He died of a car accident at 24 in 1975, two years after having become one of the first professional runners. The 12 -inch figurine represents Steve with his Oregon jersey and the number 106 which symbolizes the 106th guard. He obviously wears Nike shoes on the feet. Guarder Steve Prefontaine The 103 guard that we already "know" will already undergo a clothing facelift, Michael Lau having produced new shoes on a 1/6 scale proving that this exhibition and these characters are very close to his heart and that he wants extend their existence. Here is for the exhibition part, but there is an "excluded" part like DAB with new articles and essential figurines to obtain at a specific time. The luckiest / fast / connected / lucky may have the possibility of perhaps having the chance to .... Well I will go straight to the point: There will be a new pair of shoes Nike SB Sale on this occasion sold in a luxurious pack. Perhaps one of the most sumptuous ever edited, the pack consists of a dark wooden box in which the shoe covered with a wood, disturbing and crying with truth is located. Guard Meets Nike Guard Meets Nike Guard Meets Nike The insole of this shoe represents the Ny fat Original guard. The height of happiness, there will be a ny fat wood in the box. The exact number of parts has not been announced, but speculation is rudder and we are talking about a hundred pieces available at crazy prices .... The answer next week? For the others (the least lucky) there will be some rather pretty exclusive t-shirts.

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