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Article: Goldorus by Mist - Black and Original Versions


Goldorus by Mist - Black and Original Versions

 Goldorus If my memories are accurate, and God-or any other purpose to which you suggest to believe freely- only knows that I have a quantity of storage information of my tender years stored in my brain-fility, the very first time That I saw an episode of Goldorak on French television, I brought down a tasty tasty with strawberry jam on the carpet of the family show. The shock, immediately. Every second of this animated program was pure delight, apart from the boring scenes on the farm that constituted a good third of each episode. I have always believed that Professor Procyon was one of the members of my family as I saw her much more often than my godfather or that my pediatrician (for info I also believed that the book of Sophie de l 'Inspector Gadget was available in all good libraries and that Ulysses had a self-cleaning beard, do not worry about my mental health the latest exams are good). A real icon that this round canned box with yellow horns and flat feet. It is here in addition that the series has experienced one of its greatest successes and also a poor controversy Slash controversy. At least the advantage is that it was the beginning of a long love story between our sweet country of cheeses and cartoons that make epileptics. For those who do not like the preambles, there we will once again speak figurines. I see who were beginning to suffocate. Goldomist Black The diversion of popular icons is commonplace in the middle, Kaws simply built his reputation above, other artists like Ron English use them for more revolutionary and propagandist. We must have fun and at least the vast majority of mortals can make the rapprochement. Is it an ease or a powerful homage to the black beast of collectors who pushed Mist to corrupt the most awesome robots. It should not exist a variety of plastic in this low world that has never been used to design a Goldorak toy. All the better if today we have the rotocasty vinyl that allows us to appreciate the dynamics of volumes under a completely different angle of execution unexploited. Exciting and different finally. So much the better. What about achievement? We approach more from the top than the bottom with this character who keeps one of the most memorable functions that are: Fulguro Pist Yeah! One can even put a little plural in this sentence, and maybe also directly rename it in order to avoid any problem with the TOO that could get upset when we know the high propensity of these people there to shoot at sight on All that moves (and that goes into a DVD player). Recognize that the word toy we use in our jargon has rarely been as useful only in these occasions. Pancing to be able to flinker again a piece of sugar less than one meter or aimed to target the dog's ass while waiting for the best time to press the trigger of routes (prefer a big little reactive dog in this kind of situation , avoid the dog as much as to do, do not read what I just wrote). We have aged but we did not grow up. The paintings are top notch, faithful to the great moments of Cast Die and original illustrations. One could possibly reproach the lack of versions where the previous exit of Mist had resulted in half a dozen variants (all rather successful it must be said). Gluttony is a bad fault and the tightening can only be perceived in a positive way. I'm not sure that Go Nagai Fada Lambda collector is there, and rather risks scandaling (yes rather yes), the packaging is not even yellowed and there is no trace of a préunic label in French francs on it. But beyond the reader of Tenth Planet Aigri and lost in the translation, I only see new friends at this Goldomist / Goldorus. They will certainly not as numerous as the faithful of the original giant robot, since less than 1000 pieces all versions confused will be available for you other Golgoths. Arrival of the black version on November 7th on the Artoyz website. And the adventure continues.

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