Kaws Gone, the new highly anticipated figurine!

The appointment seems already taken for September 20, the opening date of the next exhibition of KawnsAlthough this is in Australia. So yes, you do not have every way to take a round trip to see it but that does not hold Kaws thought everything and in particular at the exit of its sculpture Gone in figurine.

Remember, Gone represents Companion holding in his arms a BFF Not frankly in shape. Acquired by the National Gallery of Victoria, where the next Expo of Kaws is held, Gone now has its mini version, revisited in black for a dark and quasi-dramatic effect. In the original version Companion sports its colors in a gray camaire when BFF sparkle of its electric blue. No here here. Companion presents itself in a Matte Black With her mythical crosses eyes, they as black for a tone on your perfect tone (The only time we found that it was on the final sculpture Days released in 2018), while BFF is in black lacquer, pink nose and white eyes with black crosses.

Kaws plays with his own visual codes to confuse and intriguer his fans, who will not fail to throw themselves on the figurines as soon as they leave. Besides, if we know that the exhibition KAWS: Companionship in the Age of Loneliness open it September 20 In Melbourne, no info were communicated on the exit date of Gone. Only info? It will be sold on the Victoria National Gallery Shop and on the Kaws website.

Stay on the lookout, you'll have to play elbows to get your Kaws Gone copy.

Credits: KAWS

Source: KAWS

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