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Article: Sales guide: Exceptional pieces.

Guide d'achat des soldes : Pièces d'exception.

Sales guide: Exceptional pieces.

After a week of sales, now is the time for a new buying guide. Today, we focus on exceptional pieces. Beautiful figurines, made by renowned artists.

Beastie Head

Following the French Lowrider, Alëxone offered us a new challenge: the Beastie Head. Initially sculpted by Yomek, this massive penguin with charming eyes and rockabilly soul, with a banana hair cut made with a weasel, pushed us to explore new boundaries in terms of production. Of course Beastie Head loves music as his smiling headset testifies.

We find in Beastie Head all the work of Alëxone whether it is his bestiary with the penguin, the weasel, the dog birds. But also we enjoy this composition that is offered to our eyes and can be appreciated from all angles without forgetting of course the chromatic explorations so particular to the artist and a sense of humor always present.

Unlike previous editions of the label, Beastie Head is distinguished by its material, the exclusivity of its limitations and chromatic complexity. For the first time, Artoyz Originals offers you a resin sculpture. These versions will come in 6 different versions: green, orange, purple, blue, gold and red. Each 6 versions is limited to 50 pieces. Only 45 pieces of each version will be sold. This makes it the most exclusive edition ever published by Artoyz Originals.

Beastie Head is also pretty unique to us as its size is over 30 cm and weights about 6 kgs. It comes in a nice box with a wooden certificate signed an numbered by the artist.

-40% on all Beastie Head

Mermaid's Purse by Junko Mizuno

Junko Mizuno, Japanese artist well known to toy design enthusiasts, has in any case decided to twist preconceived ideas about these poor mermaids abused for centuries by offering a pretty scene of life 19 cm high in which we find a luscious mermaid accompanied by a loving shark, a shark in the belly and the gaggle of baby bottles that the latter will inevitably generate.

-25% on Mermaid's Purse

GusGus by Lucas Beaufort

Our Artoyz Originals label brings to life - in 3D - the compositions of talented artists such as Flying Fortress, Mist, Alexone, Soasig Chamaillard or Stéphane Levallois.
Today we are proud to welcome a new addition to our Artoyz Originals range: Lucas Beaufort.

A well-known artist in the skateboard world, he has been spreading his colorful characters for several years now on different media!

GusGus is a key character in Lucas Beaufort's universe, a very simple character in his line, but deep in the values ​​he conveys: travel, sharing, kindness to others.

Giving life, in 3 dimensions, to this drawing close to the hieroglyphs in the line was not easy, but we are proud to be able to present this GusGus figurine.

We find the iconic flower that accompanies the character as well as his hat screwed on his head, all in relaxing pink and white tones!

33 cm high and limited to 100 pieces, these figurines are a must-see for fans of the artist as well as for those of our Artoyz Originals label.

-20% on GusGus

POP MART 10th Anniversary Muckey "GENERATIONS"

For the tenth anniversary of Pop Mart, Instinct Toy offers you this Muckey generations.

21 cm high, this figurine has the same color as that of Muckey "Fantasia" from the blind box "Shock" series released in September.

To recall the tenth anniversary of the Chinese brand, 10 stars are on the figurine, 8 on the stomach and two on the ears. For adults and children alike, this event figurine glows in the dark!

-20% on Muckey Generations

Storm Cat - Alex Face

Street artist Alex Face returns for a new figurine bearing the effigy of his Siamese character, so feline. Always enigmatic, this cat, available in a brand new color, plays the contrast card with a black faux coat and two-tone, blue and yellow eyes.

20cm long and 15cm high, Alex Face's Storm Cat has not revealed all its secrets.

-30% on Storm Cat

Devilo Erectus

Artoyz Originals presents Devilo Erectus, the devilish new vinyl creation of Mist.

If the palette is bright with a juxtaposition of monochromes, so more refined than usual, we find the mythical fluid lines and angular spikes that make the signature of Mist.
From the top of its 20 cm, Devilo Erectus pulls the fangs out (great classic at Mist) while revealing a softer look with this matte black - ponctuated by tangerine and yellow touches - and the original lines that accompany it.

It is particularly noted with his tail, on which it rests, showing all the possibilities of unprecedented postures enhanced by many points of articulation.

Ideal to complete your collection signed Mist, that we already imagine very large.

-25% on Devilo Erectus

SuperStar Destroyer

Bill McMullen returns with a figurine that mixes, hold on, Star Wars and Adidas: the SuperStar Destroyer. Needless to say, the result is up to the project. Mixing his influences from the world of sneakers, hip-hop and science fiction, Bill McMullen shows how eclectic his culture is.

But let's go back to our figurine. 11 inches high, once mounted on its gray base, it represents the famous Super Destroyer of the movie Star Wars Episode IV: the new hope. Remember, this is the ship that is in the opening scene of the film of 1977. A timely nod when we know that the new album is released in December ...

And Adidas in all this? We find the 3 mythical bands of footwear coupled with the end of shell toe that is the particularity of the Superstar. She is celebrating her 50th birthday this year. As for hip-hop, it makes its appearance thanks to one of the modes of Fresh style of the 90s: the width of laces, often doubled.

If you had started Adidas and Star Wars collections, Bill McMullen x Munky King's SuperStar Destroyer is becoming a must. And not to spoil anything, this edition comes with a card signed by the artist !

-25% and -30% on SuperStar Destroyer

Story Killers

Story Killers is a new collection we’re starting with French artist Stephane Levallois. Maybe you already know Stephane as we developped with him the Toxic Candies series. The collection is all about the Girl Power. Stephane Levallois retakes the female heroes of the childhood stories and he has imagined a twist in the scenario. The young girls are not hoping for the prince anymore, they get the job done by themselves to solve their problems… and sometimes it turns a bit violent.

The first Story Killers is Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (the Little Red Riding Hood) and she has killed the wolf by cutting its head and she wears it as a trophy on her head!

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge was sculpted in France by Etienne Aillaud aka Bombyx from the Stephane Levallois’ drawings.

Story Killers at half price

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