Sale purchase guide: exceptional parts.

After a week of sales, it's now time for a new buying guide. Today, we focus on exceptional parts. Beautiful figurines, made by renowned artists.

Beastie Head

After the FRENCH LOWRIDER, Alley We proposed a new challenge. Initially carved by Yomek, this massive penguin with charmer gaze and the rocker soul, wearing a weasel ending in banana constitutes for ARGOYZ ORIGINALS a new production exploration. Beastie Head It is obviously fierce from music as evidenced by his helmet smiling.

We find in Beastie Head all the work ofAlley Whether it's his bestiary with the penguin, the weasel, the dog birds, or this mastery of the composition that offers himself to the eyes and appreciates in all angles without forgetting the chromatic explorations so expensive to the Artist and this humor always present.

Unlike previous editions of the label, Beastie Head is distinguished by its material, by the exclusivity of its limitations and chromatic complexity. For the first time ARGOYZ ORIGINALS You propose a resin sculpture. Each version number of 6 is limited to 50 pieces of which only 45 pieces will be marketed. This actually The most exclusive edition ever published by Artoyz Originals.

Beastie Head is also distinguished by its size of More than 30 cm for a weight of nearly 6kgs. All is packaged in a very sober case imagined by the artist and is accompanied by a Numbered wood certificate and signed by ALËXONE.

-40% on all Beastie Head

Mermaid's Purse by Junko Mizuno

Junko Mizuno, well-known Japanese artist of lovers of Toy Design, has in any case decided to twist the neck with preconceived ideas on these poorly mistreated mermaids for centuries offering a pretty 19 cm high life scene in which one finds a luscious Mermaid accompanied by a loving shark, a sharpener in the belly and the tight birds that the latter will lead to fatally.

-25% on Mermaid's Purse

Gusgus by Lucas Beaufort

Our label Artoyz Originals gives life - in 3D - compositions of talented artists like Flying Fortress, Mist, Alexone, Soasig Chamaillard or Stéphane Levallois.

We are today proud to welcome a new new in our range ARGOYZ Originals: Lucas Beaufort.

Well-known artist in the middle of the skateboard, he has been spreading for several years now his colorful characters on different media!

Gusgus is a key character of the world of Lucas Beaufort, a simplissime character in his line, but deep in the values ​​he carries: the trip, sharing, openness to others.

To give life, in 3 dimensions, to this drawing close to the hièroglyphs in the line was not easy things, but we are proud to present this Gusgus figurine in its blue version.

It finds the iconic flower that accompanies the character as well as his hat well screwed on the head.

These models are the first of a series of four colors!

Hautes 33 cm and limited to 100 copies, these figurines are unmissable for the fans of the artist as for those of our label Artoyz Originals.

-20% on the Gusgus

Pop Mart 10th Anniversary Muckey "Generations"

For the tenth anniversary of Pop Mart, Instinct Toy offers you this MUCKEY GENERATIONS.

High 21 cmThis figurine has the same color as Muckey "Fantasia" of the Blind Box "Shock" series released in September.

To recall the tenth anniversary of the Chinese brand, 10 stars are on the figurine, 8 on the belly and two on the ears.

As much for big as for the youngest, this event figurine shines in black!


Storm Cat - Alex Face

Street Artist Alex face returns for a new figurine to the effigy of his Siamese character, so feline. Always enigmatic, this cat declined in a brand new color plays the black-coated contrast card and two-tone, blue and yellow eyes.

Long 20 cm and high of 15cm, Storm Cat d'Alex Face did not reveal all his secrets.

-30% on Storm Cat

Devilo erepectus

ARGOYZ ORIGINALS present Devilo erepectus, the diabolic new vinyl creation of Mist.

If the palette is frank with a monochrome juxtaposition, so more refined than usual, we find the mythical fluid lines and angular tips that make the signing of MIST.

From the top of his 20 cm, Devilo erectus lacks the fangs (great classic at Mist) while revealing a frank aspect with his light yellow and the original lines that accompany him. It is notably noticeable with its tail, on which it rests, showing all the possibilities of unpublished postures enhanced by many points of articulation.

Ideal for completing your collection signed Mist, which is already imagined great.

-25% on Devilo Erectus

Superstar destroyer

Bill McMullen returns with a figurine that mixes, do you stand well, Star wars and Adidas : the Superstar destroyer. No need to clarify that the result is up to the project. Mixing its influences from the Universe of Sneakers, Hip-Hop and Science Fiction, Bill McMullen shows how eclectic culture is.

But let's go back to our figurine. High of 25 cm, once mounted on its gray base, it represents the famous super destroyer of the movie Star Wars Episode IV: the new hope. Remember, it is the ship that is in the opening scene of the film of 1977. A blank time when we know that the new opus comes out in December ... and Adidas in all that? We find the 3 mythical strips of the panel coupled at the end of shell sole that makes the particularity of the superstar. Moreover, it celebrates 50 years this year.

As for the hip-hop, it appears thanks to one of the Fresh style modes of the 90s: the large laces, often doubled.

If you had started Adidas and Star Wars collections, this superstar destroyer of Bill McMullen X Munky King becomes quite indispensable. And not to ruin nothing, this edition comes with a map signed by the artist!

-25% and -30% on the Superstar Destroyer

Story Killers

Story Killersis the new collection we start withStéphane Levalloiswith whom we are already working on Candies toxic. The general idea of ​​the collection is the Girl Power. Stéphane is reappropriated the heroines of the tales of our childhood and returns the scenario. The little girl or the girl is no longer there to suffer and hope for a saving prince but she imposes itself and regulates her problems ... sometimes a little violent.

The first oneStory Killerto see the day isthe Little Red Riding HoodWho decided to settle his own wolf and after having sliced ​​his head chose to proudly sport his trophy!

Little Red Riding Hoodwas sculpted in France byEtienne AILLAUDAka Bombyx from the drawings ofStéphane Levallois.

The Story Killers half price

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