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Article: Guide to Comic Con 2009


Guide to Comic Con 2009

It is left, we are live San Diego Montreuil to comment on the 40th edition of the largest festival / lounge / convention / brothel around pop culture in all its forms, I named the Comic-Con Aka SDCC. On Twitter You will be able to follow the stage of the day with the images we receive from our special envoys on the spot (or the images that one choppe de-ci-la, dedicates to them). To relax a bit and put themselves in a few thousand kilometers from the epicenter of the geek culture, here is a little guide to find out what kind of visitor you would be at the SDCC:

- You are in love with Robert Pattinson and you are convinced that it is possible to tear off some chest hair during this morning's panel? You do not sleep anymore since you've seen Twilight and you have become logically a vampire (a real I assure you) and especially that you want to see the 2nd episode more than anything in the world your emo-life depends on it? No luck you forget that you are hemophiliating and you will start opening the doors by clumsily hanging the precious sesame in the neck. Nobody is here to help you in this case. - The only thing that obsesses you is to see the first minutes of the most expensive film in the history of cinema (Avatar by James Cameron) without having to pay a penny? Except for what all that you culled the trip, the hotel, the steaks, beer, the burgers, still beer, the entrance ticket, the racket and the dedicated photos of James Cameron in sloggy. Oh yeah $ 2,000 trailer anyway, bravo. - You must check that the World of Warcraft movie that Sam Raimi will realize will be faithful to Game parallel world and that the Druid-Elfe-Gull will not be Level 70 before half of the film otherwise it's not faithful to Game The persistent universe in which you lost 7 months of your life, all the times of Game Experimentation put an end (over one year). - Nothing better than drinking a coffee surrounded by Stormtroopers in Starbuck. Nothing like cursing those who lack respect for the uniform, that the bosses are really messy that they do not let you taffe without headphones under pretext that you work for a hotline and that people at the other end From the thread only hear a deaf and muffled noise. Quickly you notice that no one listens to you. Why ? Let your neighbors have heard the rumor of a preview of Star Wars 3D ... or you have yet forgotten to put deo. Even stormtroopers stank sweating sometimes. - You came to know the end of Lost, you want JJ ​​Abrams's skin, you are convinced that you are going to get it at the detour of the booth DC Comics (finally it's a train station more than a stand) and you go To make him admit, that he will tell you that John Locke is actually a millennium dolphin that heals the wounds of travelers over time and that his island is actually a mirror of the soul in which one travels aboard a ship Space covered with the cloned skin of Tom Cruise. Finally after listening to it for 2 minutes to sharpen your arms and speak very hard all alone you understand that you lose your time and you go back to the Mater Destinations of Gossip Girl. - It seems that an exclusive Pokemon will be available on a given booth but that the information will be decoded that will appear on the iPhone app specially designed for the living room. App you can choose at a very precise moment if you have followed the twitter relayed by the Facebook of ... Ah you do not have an iPhone? Damn. Rabies You eat your Nintendo DSi and the cartridges of all Pearl Pokemon in Platinum. Even the import versions. - You want to take the PLAYMATE July 1997 in photo with clothes. Funny idea but why not. - You want to draw the attention of the executive producers of Hollywood studios so you decide to dress up accordingly, to release your most beautiful attributes in order to chopper a small role in the next Iron Man (or from Chopper an assistant in the bathroom). No bowl you have spent so makeup tap in the eye that you have forgotten to buy the pass 4 days 6 months ago. You deserve baffles anyway, you only waited for you inside. - Like every year you come to manifest for the return of Futurama on television. You realize far too late that it is already done and no one had warned you. You come home and drink 10 liters of slurm. Similarly you will die in atrocious suffering. - You worked the last 10 months on the most beautiful and the most affected by the Naruto costumes that the earth has worn so far. Lack of pot Your konoha headband has dirty rusty and you took 28 kilos in two months, so you spend for the Epic Fail of the living room. You console yourself by telling you that you may have become a micro-celebrity (with a big ass). - You like toys and you know that the rest does not have any importance because on a few dozen square meters you will be in the paradise of the designer toy for 4 days (and more particularly the western designer it is true, the Asians are made still too rare even if their number increases a little more each year and it's so much better), that you will probably snap more than you planned because you-could not-imagine-what-trick-la- Let's go out-in-version-Excluded-Bronze-Clear-of-20-Parts-Oh-My-God-I-ME-I-MUST-ABSOLUTEMENT-IN-PLUS-LE-ENDABILIZE-IN-LE-VENT- Ten-times-sound-on-ebay-tomorrow-mom-send me-a-western-union-fast, but that in the end you have passed a good time. If you recognize yourself in the first 10 descriptions, sorry. Good Living room all the same. If you recognize yourself in the latest description, welcome to the club! Stay trendy we'll show you everything (what can be found).

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