Have a Break, Have a Kat Sushi Kit!

It's snack time ! And why not crack for these sushi kat kit to the tastes "tuna, sea urchin and omelette" ... more seriously they are raspberry flavor for tuna, the melon replaces the sea urchin and pumpkin pudding acts as an omelette. Japanese. These three delicacies are accompanied by white chocolate or mascarpone rice. It's Snack Time! And why not crack for these sushi Kit Kat to Tars "Tuna, Sea Urchin and Japanese omelette" ... More Seriously They are Raspberry Flavor for Tuna, Melon Replans Sea Urchin and Pumpkin Pudding Serves As Japanese omelette. These Three Delicacies Are accompanied by rice blown with white chocolate or mascarpone.   From an April Fools, these Kat Sushis kit resembled this: Exclusively only in Japan from February 2nd to 4th in Kat Kat of Tokyo! EXCLUSIVELY IN JAPAN FROM 2 TO 4 FEBRUARY IN TOKYO KIT KAT SHOP!

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