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Article: Hello My Game Is ... An Expo to Invader in Paris

HELLO MY GAME IS ... une Expo d'Invader à Paris

Hello My Game Is ... An Expo to Invader in Paris

You do not know what to do this weekend? You have between 3 and 103 years? Do you like pixels, Street Art and Retro Gaming? Then exposure toGrass museum artist Invader is made for you !!!

First of all, it is necessary to have in the head that it is not a monumental exhibition, we find only 3 rooms with the various works of invaders: the pixel art, the Rubik's cubes and 2 spaces adapted to the youngest : Preer on the Retro Gaming and the second more on manual work or "pixels" work! It is accessible to children. To get there at the grass museum 23 rue de l'Este 75001 Paris. The Pixel Art around the world: The Rubik's Cube: Pixel work: If the universe of Invader interests you, you can find its works in 2 works: The invasion of Paris Wipe Centered on his works in Hong Kong  

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