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But who hides behind Tak's pseudonym? HOK Tak YungBorn in Hong Kong in 1970, studied illustration and design. In 1998, he joined a collective of illustrators and Chinese designers in phase with contemporary comics, especially French. He made his first appearances in Europe in Comix 2000 and was exhibited at the Lucerne Festival-2006 (Switzerland). We had a translation of one of his creations with That she was blue my valley edited at SUD BD ACTS in 2007. After the release of Lau Lau, How2work Toys Announces the release of 3 new characters for the least wacky and uninhibited from its comic book "BIU TUNG WAI JAP" whose number 3 comes out these days (there): Ultra lo Porky-my Wonder-por and so the loop is curly and we finally understand where these characters come from debilos and cute. To go out between November and December.

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Juno X Softhard X Michael Lau X Silly Thing

It does not matter with the (good) Jason Reitman movie, although manifestly Mr Lau does not look very straddling the intellectual property and the right to the image in general (relation to the Fu...


SKULLSKIN by AJEE - Release Tomorrow

Extended Playz and ARTYDANDY invite you to the SkullSkin release party and Ajee show at the Magda Danysz Gallery. Ajee will exhibit her work dedicated to SkullSkin and also the artwork by the arti...