Icy Bunny by Husky Kevin

Icy Bunny After the Cretan rabbits, here are the icy rabbits! Husky Kevin In particular, Hong Kong is known for developing the iconic character of Husky Dad (or Huskyx3), this little cute blue-eyed dog that we saw on QEE or other Platform Toys. It's on a new Hong Kong label, named Urabbit, that Kevin will release his new Toy project Icy Bunny Which is therefore a nice white rabbit with a pair of rabbit shaped charente trees and an ice cornet on the head that hides a small heart. What can it look like true? See that Madame: Icy Bunny 3 Feet Fiberglass Ok ok this one is a little big, it's normal it's 3 feet and it's fiberglass, but it gives you an idea of ​​what it looks like this charming rabbit all cute of a reasonable size. A small postcard still to make you want (or disgust you forever, it's true it's far too cute): ICY POSTCARD Icy Bunny Comic As you can see on these few illustrations, there is an explanation at all. And now here is the beast with a medium quality photo, but that's all I have on hand: Icy Bunny So for the yellow on the bottom of the body, it may be an explanation with respect to the excitement that melts the ice and which also makes you want to pee. Do you ever do that? Me all the time. Note the little pink slippers anyway and the removable cabin that hides a Zelda way. Release soon. Kevin Husky's website: http://www.kevinscreature.com
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