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Article: Interview Lucha Free: Final round!


Interview Lucha Free: Final round!

Let's finish the table turn by taking the dessert with the instigators of the BD of the moment Lucha free. Let's see what they like, what they think about toys, their favorites, full of wacky questions and others serious (oh not until that). Well you know what? They have very good taste our comrades! Lucha free Do you think French (big or small) publishers are cautious or bold? Jerry Frissen: I started reading BDS at the end of the 70s with screaming metal, Charlie Monthly, the Echo des Savanes first version. Compared to that, I do not feel that current publishers are very bold, in any case the big one. Gobi: The ones I know are rather daring, at the same time they could be more Bill: difficult to say, given the impressive number of titles that come out every month, the slightest bouquin out becomes a risky bet (for the major part Titles In any case) Most publishers try to diversify their catalog, but I have the impression that they are content to soak the little finger to take the temperature or copy the successes of friends ... Do you plan to make a lively version of Lucha Free? J: This is one of the projects. But it's a sleep project until the film (Live Action) is in production. Soon ... G: Yes B: We would like, yes, but this kind of project is much more difficult to complete than a comic ... for economic reasons, always ... F: yes What excites you in the francophone comics these days? J: winschluss, blanket, mezzo, pirus ... g: me it's been 10 years that I read it more too but otherwise donjon it's good I find b: I like the job of Frederik peeters, the drawing of Stéphane Oiry and the books of Riad Sattouf, who is I find one of the most funny guys of the moment ... F: Winschluss, the dungeons, cornelius What do you think of the environment and creativity of francophone comics today? J: I do not feel at all to be part of it. I do not know almost anyone. I am therefore without notice on the environment. Creativity question, it's true that it bites the tail. But it remains quite a lot of interesting thing. G: I do not know about everything, there are any attempts for new stuff more or less skilled, especially with regard to the integration of Japanese comics by French authors, finally things are done but it remains A little left I find. For the rest I can not say too much it's a good time that this format does not seduce me only in rare occasions so I do not think I can be good judge. Nevertheless I have read very nice stuffs B: there is still really stuff that are alike, all kinds confused ... you have a little impression that it is always the same books squatting the displays ... F: There are really too many things going out all the time to have an objective opinion, but there is a lot of comics that are alike on there are always pearls but I'm sure we often go next . What are your last favorites (comics / animation / movies / books / TV) that you would like to share? J: There is an extraordinary TV series that will eventually arrive in France, it's Weeds. The story of a mother, drug dealer in the chic suburbs. (NDR: Canal + has acquired the rights and the series has been broadcast for a few weeks and it's really good) G: So I'm breaking the candies to everyone with Zebraman de Takashi Miike Pasque Is the movie, and also the Taste of tea, if not in animation there's everything Masaaki Yuasa more particularly Mindgame who is a killing, in a bouquin it remains very classic phlip k dick, hyperion but also "babies of the automatic setpoint of Ryu Murakami, in BD I advise everyone to read or reread all Toriyama, One Piece, Akira, Naruto, bitter concrete (the entire work of Tayo Matsumoto Tiens) 20th Century Boys and Vagabond. B: The last Sattouf so ("Back to the College" and "Pascal Brutal" are really huge), I continue "20th century boys" of Urasawa, one of the most stamped intrigues I have ever read, I mate all the TV series of the moment (I love the tricks "24" or "prison break", of the right soap opera ...) F: I have to sail about a hundred people for more than a year by telling them : " So ? Did you see Mind Game? This film is revolutionary. Otherwise, go see Little Miss Sunshine! In series "Six Feet Under", and "Paranoia Agent" of Satoshi Kon.
in BD, the absurd humor of Tori Miki in "Intermezzo". Are you collector of Toys (modern or vintage)? J: Collector is a big word, but I have it. What I prefer is always the Japanese monsters. G: me the last figurines I'm rushing it's a colle of sketches that reproduce the Dragonball covers the "Museum Collection" once again I remain a fan of the portages, imaginative and well done, in volume of Characters of comics or anime that I love B: I start, I do not yet much in fact ... F: I have some but it's not a collection, far from it. & What is your favorite Toy? J: I do not have it, but I would have it: the original Fake Companion of Kaws. It's the most beautiful I've ever seen. A real masterpiece G: apart from what I just quoted is the Hellboy of Eric So and the naal with his mushrooms there (I know more the name of the author) (NDR: Nathan Jurevicius) B : I love the Hellboy of Eric So, I absolutely have to chop a ... (Maybe I steal that of Gobi ...) F: for the moment Pip and Norton of Dave Cooper, and Kanti of Flcl . What is your farthest toy souvenir? J: Small soldiers and cowboys Pomp! I always have some, including two American soldiers with their Bazooka who have been on my Mac for years. G: I burst with my boglins (rubber monster puppets with the eyes moving), my zoids, my dragonauts, my cops (kinds of GI Joe bigger with bigger band systems) my ghostbusters, my muscles, and my food fighters (small military in the form of food) and also my turtles Ninjas B: Houla, Chais not too much, I loved the Lego when I was little, and I had a lot of gi Joe whose The internal elastic have all ended up fart (I turn them for them to make "whirling attacks" ...) F: an old wooden dog with felt ears. Otherwise the toys Masks, the muscles and my Goldorak Die Cast ... that I do not find anymore. What do you think of the world of 'designer toys'? J: One of the reasons that more in this universe is that it reminded me of the "Do It Yourself" of the punk. It's full of people like me, who know nothing but who do it all the same, I love it. For the rest, too many toys platforms. Do Tequila, it was like the buzzcooks making their first album. G: I think it's nice even if I feel like it takes a little too much seriousness and on some projects lack coherence B: I find it very creative at the base, creating characters without Anterior support makes it possible to do things completely released from all references, and so very original ... Unfortunately, there is also a lot of people who do something like Untel or Untel ... and I'm not too much customer of the infinite declections More ... F: A beautiful universe varied, the originality premium. What are your graphic influences? J: The old horror magazines, old rock posters, some movie posters, House Industries, Mel Crawford, etc. All I'm talking about on my blog. G: Y'en Full I went through a lot of stadiums and all it was mixed with the Max Cabanes of the Moebius, Bisley, Mc Farlane, then Mac Keane, Toriyama, Otomo, Yuasa, Mignola, a lot of Capcom designers like Akiman or Nishimura Kinu, more all non-graphic influences and my little personal touch does not have a conscious masses B: full of people, it's going to Toriyama to Mignola by passing By Taiyoh Matsumoto, Kohji Morimoto or Jamie Hewlett ... F: a little bit of everything. Yuasaa, Mignola, Cooper, Matsumoto, Urasawa, Woodring, Hergé, Franquin Toriyama, Hokusai ... What are your favorite handlers / mangakas? J: For the comic, I quoted above. For mangas, Jungi Ito and Maruo. G: Toriyama, Otomo, Takehiko Inoue, Tayoh Matsumoto, and a good big package I forget B: the same F: the same, more more ... What are your favorite cartoons? J: Simpsons, King of the Hill. G: All the production of studio 4C ° Globally, Pompoko, Chihiro, Totoro, Akira, Samurai Champlolo, Evangelion, Flcl, Cowboy Bebop, Mindgame, Kemonozume (even if I saw one) Mushihi, Medabots ... .. And a package that I forget again. B: Cowboy Bebop, Mind Game, FlCL, Princess Mononoké and full of other authors ... F: Pfiou, the productions of the studio 4C (Mind Game, Noiseman ...), The Ghiblis of course, the movies of Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue, Tokyogodfaithters ...), Gainax (Flcl, Diebuster, Re-Cutey Honey), Deadleaves and many others! What are your favorite artists? J: I discovered a recent passion for painters like Rubens and Breughel. Otherwise, I always liked people like Joe Coleman or Robert Williams. Lowbrow Art in general. G: All those I quoted higher, otherwise Klimt, Schiele, Murakami, B: I like the job of Michel Gondry, his clips as much as his movies If you were offered to resume a past or present series, which would you choose? J: TIF and TONDU, because of shock. G: I have always dreamed of making an adaptation of leguman even if it's a little off topic B: it's still more tripling to do one's own stuff, but good, ptete I'd like to do Nausicaa de Miyazaki ... or Dragon Ball obviously. F: Shin Chan What is your favorite monster? J: Hedorah. G: Tengu, Japanese Yokai B: I like the "big bad rabbit" (I think it's called that) of the Muppet Show. F: mmmh ... necron. What character of character from BD would you dream of having? Why ? J: Den! At first, when he was still naked. G: that of Luffy in One Piece, because it has fun like a crazy, or that of Miyamoto Musashi in Vagabond, because he is fulfilled thanks to his art (a lot of Japanese comics deal with this theme that Keeps me in fact in fact) B: I do not know too much, but one who does stuff stuff in any case, otherwise it's not worth ... Spider man I think it's me well f: Flavian's in ZBlucops, this guy has a crazy charism ... and in addition it flies! What is the superhero you hate the most? Why ? J: Elastic Man, because of the film. The actor insuffered me so much that I just wanted to fuck my fist in his mouth. G: I can not say that I hate him but Superman is quite boring, he has done nothing to be what he is assures and that's it since it birth ......... it's a bitch F: Captain America, for the costume ... with Thor, tied. What do you think is the golden age of comics? J: The 1970s no doubt. G: I will say with little small stars in the eyes that it is in not long F: soon you will see. Questions versus freestyle to the good free LUCHA free or w.E. ? All: Lucha free. Comic Book or Manga J: I do not know ... G: Manga B: Manga F: Manga Family Guy or the Simpson? All: the Simpson LESCARS OR BOONDOCKS? J: None of the two. G: I do not know the second then I say Lascars B: Lascars F: Lascars Cosmic capsule or scrap? J: Both. G: Ferraille B: Rather Ferraille F: Scrap SFAR or TRONDHEIM? J: Uh ... G: Trondheim so he invited me to eat at home B: Trondheim F: Bah that ... Gorillaz or gwar? J: Ramones. G: Do not know the second B: Gorillaz F: Do not know the second either Studio 4 ° C or Ghibli Studio? J: 4 ° C, like Gobi. G: Both B: both F: both Naruto or Keroro? G: Both B: I do not know Keroro well, but both I think F: both Transformers or zoids? G: Zoids F: Both PS3 or Wii? G: I do not know the Wii yet is cheaper B: the two! (not the X-Box anyway ...) F: Wii, for the parties taken. Graphic Novels or BD blog? J: Both. G: Blog Bd B: Blog F: BD Blog YouTube or Flickr? All: YouTube CD / Vinyl / Cassette or MP3? J: It depends on what's on it. G: mp3 cd, what do you want my poor lady b: mp3 Dreamworks or Pixar / Disney? All: Pixar San Diego Comic-Con or Festival d'Angoulême? J: The ideal would be to organize Angouleme in San Diego G: I have never been to Comic Con B: I have not gone to Comic-Con ... F: Never seen the comic-con Cheese or dessert ? J: The two together. G: The two b: it depends on the pinard! F: the two Lucha free Lucha free Lucha free Lucha free Lucha free Lucha free Lucha free Lucha free Lucha free Lucha free Lucha free Lucha free Lucha free Lucha free Lucha free Lucha free Lucha free

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