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ITS A GIRL Details if you want two cases of different figures: you are a boy, you love the Kaiju, you have already invaded a good part of the apartment's collective space to proudly expose your Ugly Toys, but your sweet half does not necessarily hear it from this ear. It burns her eyes worse than bleach, she has acid lifts when she approaches to dust (yes I play her like that paf), and she does not understand how, I quote "we can love these stuff The still, I prefer Hello Kitty or your yellow and angular rabbit with big ears ". Or then you are a girl, you have a sympathy for Kaiju, but finally the only object you own that gets closer to a kaïju is a bossy bear, that is to say that you are finally quite far enough . What do the thinking heads of Secret Base do? Well they take this information, cross them, analyze them and work deeply with a color chart for chopping the thing that will do that. Result, eh ben paf, the skullpirate of Mr Pushead becomes not only translucent (Clear in the Toyesque jargon), and pink (Kawai in the female and Japanese jargon). As very often with this figurine that is done as rare and discreet as a good comedian on the plateau of "more beautiful life", it is packaged more than correctly: a small bib / support / carpet mouse / I do not know what it's exactly but it's cute, accompanied by a little print with an absolutely charming illustration about the size of the pictures that could be found in the wonders of the world (admit that you kept The photos of zebras and chimpanzee, you can tell me now). Note the different flavors and pink shudder on the figurine at decisive places like the hand or the headband. Very beautiful, and I think it's going to play elbows. Otherwise I had another case with a transexual but I forgot or I wanted to come. ITS A GIRL 2

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