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J0N Burgeman Jon Burgerman does not have much to do with the world of fast food, on the other hand, about fast scribeillage, he seems to be divinely talented. Draftsman, this young Englishman is full of talent and his graphic universe never stops moving to us to surprise us. While coming out his book The Duudleville Tales, halfway between a poster and a book, Jon confides to us to give us some keys to better appreciate his universe. Definitely one of Artoyz's favorites. Interviewed Edité published in Clark N ° 17 Hi Jon, can you introduce yourself to the French public who dies to know more about you. Hi all. I am 26 years old, I live in Nottingham in the East Midlands in England and I screw, I draw, I design, I color and sometimes I do animation to support my needs. What have you done today ? This morning I went to the local market to buy my weekly dose of fresh fruits and vegetables. As it rained violently I just took what I needed. I just took peanut butter and raspberries that I'm not going to eat. Are you generally happy and funny as your characters? Yes, although some of my characters are unhappy and frustrated too. Wait for a moment, do you mean that I am funny in the funny direction like a clown? Can you give me a list of collaborations and exposes that you have done so far? (brands or real people) I worked with the following people / brands: Flying Cat Sony MtvSnickers Puma Gortex 55dsl Diesel Levi's Bbc Arts Cuncil England Rice Virgin Wiggleton Press Computer Arts The Guardian Winding Road Records Concrete heritage Nanny State Black Collective Convoy Sun ehlers Koa Yuck Superb Andy Sargent Jeremyville Gaston Caba I like drawing Dennis Tyfus Some exhibitions I participated: STICK 'EM UP Doodlebug Doodledown Sneaker PIMPS Wooster Collective Hollywood Remix Two Steps Back Wear IT With Pride Solo Show AT 55DSL Solo Show at Custard Factory Solo show at the social Humans vs robots 'Monster' at compound gallery I do not remember all, but it should be enough immediately, right? Question of classic feignasse: Can you describe your art and your style? Reply classic feignasse: weird characters wonky doodley Are you part of a collective or do you work exclusively solo? I work alone 90% of the time but I sometimes do stuff with others and the collective I belong to is Black Convoy.I like to work in a group whether for fun or for commercial projects. Who do you feel close in the middle of Toydesign and the illustration? People I see all the time during the Vernissages or during the live painting sessions. It is certainly the fact that alcohol is Gratos but it's always nice to see the same people and you feel like in a small friendly community. It's a little world, the artists hang together and even if you have not already met someone you already know how to know him through his work and the emails that we are dealing. What do you prefer among the activities that you practice: illustration, writing, animation, design sticker, painting? Simply drawing, all I'm coming from drawing so that's really what I prefer. No computers, briefs, deadlines ... just good old drawing. Viva the Biro! And with what tool do you prefer to work? Pencil, Felt, Painting, Graphic Palette, Supersculpey? The pencils are my friends, the brushes are my friends. What are you most proud of? Not to have real job and somewhere to survive in scribbled. And also meeting people from all over the world thanks to my job is really cool. How do you distribute your working time between the computer and the paper? The computer is part of the process. I start with drawing on the paper and then I scan in the computer. There is no precise separation, things are done when I need it. Sometimes I do not need to use the computer and at other times I feel that my fingers have grown a keyboard. You like to play with the colors, do not you? Can you tell me a little more about your color work, how do you choose them etc. The color is an important element, it's very useful as an emotional device with my work. I am not very good about how I choose them, it's instinctively. I am looking for the contrast and I like to voluntarily limit my palette. Sometimes drawing can take me ten minutes and I spend hours playing with colors. Your characters are most often flat and two-dimensional, how did you do to work in 3D for your toys that will come out soon? Good question. It was difficult at first since I'm not used to bosse in 3D. And as it is often very long to send drawings to the factory and wait for the first sculptures, so I had the chance to work with a talented 3D designer to adapt my drawings and I could see How he was bumping (a kind of virtual plant). Jules ( helped me a lot and accelerated the process. Thanks to that I could have a good idea of ​​how my characters could work under different angles. I learned a lot about my way of drawing and my way of seeing things by doing toys. How do you approach the challenge of Toy's customization (eg QEE)? I address the work on a white Toy as if I had a sheet of paper in front of me, but as it is not the case it gives a number of interesting challenges. It's both fun and very difficult to make pieces. How was the connection with Flying Cat? Different projects were started to discuss and how it could be realized. Alan Chow is really a nice guy full of ideas and it was obvious that we were going to have fun by working together. I am a big fan of Flyingcat, and especially their job with Nathan Jurevicius, so it's for me an honor to work among them. Is today something mandatory for known and recognized illustrators to do toys or is it something you wanted to do for a long time? It's really something that held me at a long time; I do not think it's mandatory in any way. Making figurines takes a lot of time, a lot of organization and money. This is not something that an artist or a manufacturer takes lightly. I am very lucky to work with Flying Cat is a privileged position in which I find myself. How do you improve yourself? Is it difficult to find new ideas? That takes time. You have to work all the time and stay focused. You must be as capable of experimenting and trying new things. Work on several medium like toys or painting (if you do not paint at the base) make you think a lot about your own job. The fact is that if you are close to a gallery, a museum, a record store or a bookstore and you are not far from finding new inspirations. You also worked in the world of animation, do you have projects for a series of animation? Is it something you're looking to do? I created characters and I worked for an important animation with real pros animators for the prestigious "Animated Encounters Festival" a little earlier this year. At the moment I work on very short animals for MTV. I really like to do more animation but it would be better to work in a studio because it takes an incredible time solo. But it's really something I was thoroughly when I was younger, one of my heroes is Tex Avery. But in any case to make a lively series would be absolutely terrible actually. Who are your favorite ToyDesigners right now? All ! Of course I like Flying Cat's artists, including Nathan J and Tado couple and I am also very interested in what Koa's disturbed mind can bring to the world of Toy. There are really lots of beautiful things right now. What is your favorite toy? It's hard. I would say the Dreaming Bear Dog of Modern Pets because it looks at me right now with lightly threatening eyes. Your favorite movies? Any with dinosaurs, ships or Woody Allen is perfect for me. I guess if someone realized "the mysteries of Manhattan's Jurassic space" it would certainly be my favorite movie. Favorite movie or animation series? Big fans of the cartoons of the Warner. I like what Genndy Tartakovsky, I was a big fans of Simpson before it turns to vinegar, I also like Duckman, Dr. Katz, Ren and Stimpy, Henry's Cat, Top Cat and Morph. Moment of the favorite day? My nap of the afternoon followed by tea and cookies. Illustrator / painter / draftsman / mangakas favorites? Nobody can test Basquiat, Old School Rules! COMICS / MANGAS Favorite? I read Beano every week when I was younger. Now I like a lot of things without really knowing what it is. Nevertheless any trick of Chris Ware is usually incredible. Group / favorite music? What is the last concert you attended? There is too much; If I refer to my iPod the last three stuff that I have listened to are Coleman Hawkins, the Pixies and Syd Baret. Shame on me I do not remember my last concert, I remember seeing Kid Koala some time ago and I had a great time. An exception moment would I add. Favorite food / best place to eat in your opinion? Brings me Chinese noodles and my belly button will smile for the rest of the day. What are your future projects? Some animations, a special level for Pure Wipeout on PSP and toys of course! I also have a lot of t-shirts, skateboarding and snow boards that will come out soon. What are your dreams ? I dream of a superb open bakery right in front of home so that I wake up every morning with the smell of fresh bread. Versus questions: Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, New York, London or Tokyo? PFF I've ever went to Paris - You invite me? I will go to Berlin soon for Pictoplasma. I love New York. Full of beautiful things and friends in London (beyond pollution and pigeons) I have to go to Tokyo as soon as possible! Bouquins or magazines? I like hybrids - Bougazine, or is it matsy? I am confused but I love both. Classic toys or designer toys? Designers. I buried all my old toys at the beach and it's too late to get them back now. PLAYLOUNGE OR FORBIDDEN PLANET? Are you serious ? Aidan swing me in a boiling vinyl tank if I answered something else. Playlounge of course! 8 bit or PSP? Maybe an 8 bit emulator on the PSP Stickers or graffiti? Stickers DivX or DVD? What is the problem with VHS? Fish gold chips? Steep chips, buried in a nan and served with a salad. Naked sneakers or feet? Socks in sandals. Picasso or Miro? Pablo, but Joan is not too bad either. A suggestion ? Recycle your waste. What are you going to do tomorrow? Scribble and work, like about every day. J0N Burgeman J0N Burgeman J0N Burgeman J0N Burgeman J0N Burgeman J0N Burgeman J0N Burgeman J0N Burgeman J0N Burgeman J0N Burgemanrel = "lightbox [qeehong]"

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