Joker seen by Jason Freeny and Mighty Jaxx!

You see what we are talking about? FIGURES OF Jason Freeny and Mighty jaxx, of cours.

After Barbie, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Sulli (De Monsters & Cie) or Popeye, American artist Jason Freeny makes the autopsy of one of the most terrifying DC comics characters: Joker. Ouhhh, we have chills nothing but thinking about the version of Heath Ledger. Already borderline in the comics then cartoons, joker passes under the rays of the very good Singaporeans of Mighty jaxxFor a careful and truly freestanding analysis.

Sworn enemy Batman, the most vicious psychopath killer of the Universe DC Comics, Joker terrorizes the inhabitants of Gotham. Iconic DC COMICS Universe, Joker attracts as much as he repels. The ugly effect, certainly. That's why Jason Freeny, Mighty Jaxx played on this ambivalence. We find JOKER in figurine of 24 cm counting in its set no less than 30 detachable pieces; History of sees it in all seams (and we do not talk about his mythical costume)!

Thanks to Jason Freeny and Mighty Jaxx diving in the heart of pop culture will never have been as accurate, you do not think?

Smile on the cake, he is already on our site.

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