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Article: Junko Mizuno New Toys: Keiko & Kaori


Junko Mizuno New Toys: Keiko & Kaori

Junko Mizuno Illustration

The Japanese designer Junko Mizuno, author of the most than recommendable comics Pure trance, Hansel & Gretel, Cinderalla or THE LITTLE MERMAID (outings at Imho for France) continues its momentum in the world of toy And will offer us this time Kidrobot several figurines from pure trance: Keiko the Director & Kaori The Nurse.

If it is preferable not to put in all hands the drawings of Junko, it would seem in view of the images of the coming outings that it will be the same for its vinyls, discover them without further delay:

While a "large, clearly visible PAF" trend in the toy seems to be confirmed these days after the Bonass of Mist and the very confusing AKUMA BOMB From Huck Gee (released October), it is quite natural to see the characters of the designer with solid and turgid breasts as we are used to seeing in her illustrations.

Keiko the Director

The suggestive position of a Keiko Very smiling (which could delight hentai enthusiasts) surrounded by dead tomatoes and multiple syringes that roam his diaphanous body adds a disturbing touch for these young ladies with a very Kawaii basic look in disconcerting situations and often barcadabrants (you are just read the BDS!).

Kaori The Nurse

Kaori Reminds us of the Peach figurines by Junko Mizuno who came out at a Japanese manufacturer some time ago, but the advantage of this version is that there are no superfluous accessories dissipated, nor a base (we hate all the bases), but a beautiful and brunette version spotted with blood with a sexy lavender outfit with alluring garters. She carries at arm's length on one side a charming toddler who does not seem very frightened, and on the other a very cute chainsaw contrasts Kebab who seems to be well oiled and skilfully adjusted (oh There is a beautiful play on words to do there but I leave it to you).

The missing link between the cute and the disturbing.

Keiko the Director And Kaori The Nurse will be released in 500 copies each at the end of October.

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