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Article: Kaws, Daniel Arsham, Virgil Abloh... create a coloring book for children

Kaws, Daniel Arsham, Virgil Abloh... leur livre de coloriage pour les enfants

Kaws, Daniel Arsham, Virgil Abloh... create a coloring book for children

In order to support the poorest populations in Detroit, the bar Stanby, the Forgotten Harvest restaurant and the Detroit Library Street Collective gallery had the idea of ​​teaming up to create packed lunches for the most disadvantaged. But to keep the kids occupied and make them smile, these baskets are accompanied by a coloring book of drawings by renowned artists who want to support the project: Kaws, Daniel Arsham, Shepard Fairey or Virgil Abloh are among those ones...

Why now ? It turns out that Detroit announced a few days ago that restaurants and schools will be closed. The Detroit Library Street Collective gallery and its collaborators quickly wanted to find a solution that was as useful as it was pleasant. Completely free, these packed lunches and coloring book are intended to allow people to stay at home, not to spread the Coronavirus but above all not to miss anything. The most fervent fans of street art will not fail to help the children with their coloring... Named We all risethis coloring book will be distributed with the packed lunches from March 23. A very good initiative in these dark times of crisis.

Remember, to protect yourself and others #Stayathome

Crédits : Detroit Library Street Collective

Source : Kaws Instagram 

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