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Article: Kondo by Stan


Kondo by Stan

Bing, a new monster will soon land on the blue planet. Cartoonist Stan We put in the confidence recently and sent us a friendly work in progress of his very first figurine that responds to the sweet name of Kondo. This monster not if Guilleret but terribly faithful to the bestiary of Stan will be produced in soft vinyl and the sculpture was entrusted to Kondo which has already been illustrated by transcribing the work of Jim Woodring. To all honor, since Stan decided to name his character named his sculptor. Beautiful tribute my faith. You will be able to discover in the rest of this post some images that make it possible to apprehend the work of the sculptor and the techniques used to create what will serve as a basis for the production of this KAJU. And the poor Kondo has a job when we look more closely at the very detailed drawings that will be used to design this character in 3 dimensions. No doubt he will come out of us a majestic and crazy beast to wish. As a reminder Stan published at 619 Label Diary of Inhuman Species compiling the monsters he created daily. We murmur that a second volume will come out soon. We can not wait to see more in any case and one looks forward to seeing one of our favorite monster designers release a Kaiju at the height of his talent.

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