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Article: The Thailand Toy Expo 2020 opens virtually today!

La Thailand Toy Expo 2020 ouvre virtuellement aujourd'hui !

The Thailand Toy Expo 2020 opens virtually today!

No one could have predicted the global pandemic that has put the world stopped since the beginning of the year yet Trademarks and shows have decided to counter this stop by remaining creative ! That is why Thailand Toy Expo 2020 will be fully virtual. If usually this kind of gathering attracts a huge crowd of fans, collectors and professionals, this year it is a crowd of connections that are expected. In addition to the presentation of artists' performances, toys presentations and workshops, it's good the auctions that are scrutinized closely.

As in any good living room, Thailand Toy Expo is surrounded by the best artists and publishers to deliver exclusive figurines that will explode your bank account. For 4 days, until May 31th, so it's Instinctoy, Dimoo World, How2work, Uglytoys or CoarseandJpx which have excluded to fall. By the way, our avatar is Katchapti, the figurine presented by coarse and jpx there is little and of which it says that it will be bid in another color during the living room ... Whether you are buyer or simple visitor, visit the site ofThailand Toy Expo 2020.

Credits: Coarse / JPX

Source: The Toy Chronicle / Vinylpulse

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