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Article: Léo Caillard: Between tradition and modernity.

Léo Caillard : Entre tradition et modernité.

Léo Caillard: Between tradition and modernity.

Leo Caillard is a 36 year old French artist. Arriving in the booming digital art world, he will use these emerging and then emerged technologies to indulge his primary passion, diversion. If there is any need to recall what diversion is, this act, often militant, is closely linked to modern and contemporary art.

Marcel Duchamp by inventing the ready-made diverts objects from their primary utilitarian functions in 1913. If you want to know more, we had devoted an article to this movement!

Leo Caillard will therefore take classic figures of art and twist them in all directions to make them current.

As you start to know us (and if you don't, welcome to this blog), now is the time to take a quick tour of the artist and his works.

  • Heroes of Stone (2017)

When super heroes meet ancient art, it gives an amazing result!

  • Hipster in Bronze I and II (2016 and 2017)

For these bronze busts, the idea is as follows: take antique busts and transform them into the very archetype of Hipster with everything that comes with expensive glasses, cap and beanie and trimmed beard.

  • Hipster in Stone I, II and III (2012, 2015, and 2017)

We take the concept of Hipster in Bronze, but this time in the form of stone statues. The opportunity to discover that the bra, the t-shirt with holes and the plaid shirt existed in antiquity.

  • Light stone (2017)

Neons and beams of light added to well-known sculptures are enough to give them a futuristic and current character.

  • Icarus (2018)

A revisit of the myth of Icarus, but in the form of a sphere that looks a bit like Harry Potter's Snitch.

  • Wave Stone (2017)

These digital distortions on classical sculptures create a crazy dialogue between the past and the present.

Toutes les images proviennent du site de l'artiste, disponible juste ici.

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