News in the fall!

For starters, we received a lot of new productions Kidrobot. Among the most popular products, we have the collection of the Dunny drawn from the exhibition Dunny Show - Designer Toy Awards In combination with clutter. This gives us a magnificent series of figurines imagined by the largest and most talented designers of the world of Art Toy.

Like other series of magnificent Dunny, we also received the collection Arcane Divination, A series that mixes Spiritism and Tarot!

With regard to licenses, we offer the series Sonic The blue hedgehog, Sega mascot as well as a whole collection of Andy Warhol products: cushions, fluff, figurines and dunnies.

We are pleased to also offer you the appetizing Yummy World products, whether in vinyl or plush, you will necessarily find your happiness among all these foods with malicious eyes!

We have received enough from Funko Pop fans with a pop collection from Netflix Trollhunters series, created by Guillermo del Toro accompanied by John Snow and his little "brother" Bran Stark and a Dark Vador near blowing his 40 candles on his tie hunter.

Beautiful novelties arrive very quickly, to miss nothing do not forget to register for our newsletter!

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