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Article: Yesterday's and today's stickers

Les stickers d'hier et d'aujourd'hui

Yesterday's and today's stickers

THE sticker, let it be used simply for his design Or for promotional purposes do not run out of steam! We go through this article to retrace his history and discover the way in which he has evolved over the years.
 For some people, stickers are an art form and a real way to express themselves. The art of stickers, known as bombing sticker OrSlapping stickeris an art form in which an image or message is displayed publicly using stickers.

The variety, speed and ease of use of these applications leave the spirit free and allow anyone to get your message across easily and at low cost and update it permanently, whatever its budget.Banksy is one of the largest sticker art users.

In 1840, the first posts of post appear at United Kingdom. They make the sending of letters by post more popular and increase postal income. THE "Penny Black", held its name from its color and because it cost a penny at the time. After its creation, the stamp has experienced great evolution and its use has become more democratic.
The first official sticker was created in 1935 by Ray Stanton Avery, an American inventor, nicknamed "Stan the Sticker Man". The latter hasCreated a labeling using a washing machine engine, parts of a sewing machine and a saber saw. It was then the first to have developed a machine manufacturer of self-adhesive labels, which gave birth to the sticker.
As soon as its stickers are launched, Avery labels are becoming more and more popular across America. He quickly took the place of the decals. The company quickly developed internationally, allowing the company to grow in size. This providing the Avery company with additional funds to perfect its product.
Avery then developed a quick release glue for the back of the stickers allowing its product to be easily taken off without damaging the surface on which it was glued. In parallel, the company has developed a more effective production process allowing the entire sticker to be printed on a single production line, as opposed to a process in several stages which was in place before.
 With the rise in popularity of companies using stickers for their products and their advertising throughout the 1940s and 50s, it also began to make itself known in popular culture. Forest Gill, a screen printer is credited with the creation of the first sticker for bumper to stick at the back of the vehicles.
Gill combined sticker paper and fluorescent ink to create the very first bumper sticker. At first, he encounters many problems with the product, noting that he was very quickly due to the residues on the surface of the car. With the help of a national advertising agency, he developed the first adhesive back vinyl stickers that would stick to vehicle bumpers without discoling.
When the 1960s gave birth to a new era of political conscience and activism, the bumper stickers became the main external symbol of political identity, then quickly extended to a means of expressing all aspects of personal identity.

Throughout the 1960s and 70s, stickers were a consumer product used for labels, decorations and instructions, some of these many uses of stickers are still present today.

 The boom in the sticker collection has become a several million dollars industry. Many sports stars, television programs and popular popular films have published their own versions of the sticker collection.

    It was in 1961 in Modena (Italy) that the story begins to Panini. Two Italian newspaper merchants decide to market both small images of footballers and the album in which collect them. Each empty box then marks the place of a player, which pushes to have all the stickers.

The success is immediate, it is the beginning of the Panini saga. In a few years, the children of many countries tear these small pockets of five or six images, which they exchange in playgrounds, in the hope of completing their collection.


The first album is called Calciatori, it was released in 1961 In tribute to the calcio, the Italian championship. These were cardboard vignettes that had to be glued with a glue tube, the adhesive system appearing until ten years later.

Bruno Bolchi then enters the story because his Panini sticker is simply the first of a long line!

In 1970, the images finally became self -adhesive. And that falls on the year of the World Cup that will take place in Mexico. Thus, France discovers the football player sticker. Six years later, the French 1st division championship will be entitled to its Panini album.

The first cycling album, baptized Sprint And distributed in Belgium, dates from 1971. Reissued in the following years, he lists professional teams at the start of each season. Meanwhile, Panini has extended his register to many themes, not only athletic: animals, characters from comics or cartoons ...

We then find many themes with for example the NBA. Film stickers and stickers like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney are also very popular. Finally, the collectors and collecting cards derived from video games like Minecraft or Fortnite are experiencing an extraordinary craze.
Stickers are still used today worldwide, available in more styles, shapes, sizes and designs than ever. From soft stickers to mirror stickers, including 3D stickers, the industry of several billion dollars has created some of the most varied, the most diverse and the most unique products ever created. A sticker can even receive its digital version, with the appearance of GIFs and its use via messages and networkssocial.
At Artoyz, we are big fans of stickers and they have a large place in society! Provocative, accessible, political, humorous or simply aesthetic, the sticker Has never ceased to fascinate the Street scene since his first appearances.
If you like the concept of album of collecting stickers and if you are passionate about sneakers, which will follow may please you! With the album Sneakers colors, You will be able to retrace the most important releases of the year, in a fun format that will make you want to complete your collection.
In the 2018 edition,they are no less than 200 stickers Who are understood with the album! What start your collection in the best way and exchange your stickers with friends.
In the 2019 release, there is a collection of more than 250 pairs
Different! For this edition on the theme of childhood memories, you will also have 200 stickers at your disposal to complete the album.
VWe will have in front of you the best outings of the year 2019. To name only a few, we think in particular of Dunk Parra, the famous Air Jordan Cactus Jack or the Nike Waffle in collaboration with Sacai!
In 2020, it was the year of Dunk Strangelove, famous Air Jordan Dior or New Balance in collaboration with Salehe Bembury! In this edition, there are 275 sneakers in an album on tHème of childhood memories, with a cover made by the artist and collector Supraaw.
 The latest edition is Specially published to trace more than 20 years of Nike Dunk SB outings with your 200 stickers. Available just 500 copies, there is a collection of more than 550 different pairs, which have all marked history in their own way!
Let's go on the side of DB Burkeman, an enthusiast of culture street and stickers who challenged himself to bring together within a book the history of artistic self-collecting.Vol.2 stickers Wonderly illustrates the chronology of the use of the sticker as the medium of counterculture through 3000 images.
The skateboard is closely linked to stickers, with the many productions of skateshops and large Brands !
Halfway between the pure album of stickers and the documentary album, Stick and Skate has more than 140 stickers, photos but also interviews with several officials from the largest Brands of this sport with roulette.
 With this nOuvel opus in the successful series Stickerbomb, there are emblematic illustrations of skate culture.
There are also other themes, with original stickers that can be defeated or not! THE studio Rackgaki Returns with a new volume entitled "Stickerbomb Monsters".Whether it is zombies, ghosts, or imaginary animals, there are more than 250 stickers to discover in this very nice little book.
We finally find Stick it to the man ! It brings together around 200 of the best protest stickers created by artists and activists from around the world.

 With the series called "The Antiquarian Sticker Book", we discover three work of impeccable quality approaching various themes!

The first embraces the theme of dreams and wonders, this is the perfect book for all DIY lovers and good taste decorations.

The Antiquarian Sticker Book: Imaginarium

 We also find an editionAddressing the theme of the great classic of literature, while the other deals with themes such as science, plants or animals.

The Antiquarian Sticker Book: Bibliophilia

The Antiquarian Sticker Book


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