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Article: Marge Mallow - Light Purple Version - Exit February 14


Marge Mallow - Light Purple Version - Exit February 14

miss Margin Mallow is a charming little marshmallow with a little overweight. Certainly it is a little too chubby, but its obsession for sugars, in any form whatsoever, prevents it from pursuing a diligent diet. She is secretly in love with one of the other Candies toxic protagonists: love apple, you'll know more about this bad boy. From the top of its 12 cm, the shy and soft margin comes in a second version, after the rose which is the "Regular" version. Welcome to the Light Purple version, whose hue blends perfectly with the rose. Stéphane Levallois came to our offices to sign and dial each of the 100 margin as you can see on the photos below. You will be able to procure it tomorrow on the site, Tuesday, February 14, Valentine's Day.

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