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Article: Martian Toys and Se7en bewitched by the song of a mermaid

Martian Toys et Se7en envoûtés par le chant d'une sirène

Martian Toys and Se7en bewitched by the song of a mermaid

But wait, this mermaid doesn't remind you of something ? If - like many of us - you are addicted to coffee then probably have you recognized the logo of this famous coffee brand reinterpreted by Martian Toys and Se7en ? Yes, it's the one that we see on every street corner. Here no Macchiato Caramel but something just as captivating: a mermaid. Do you hear her songs ? She can also bewitch you with her starry eyes and third lunar one (characteristic of Se7en's work).

Sculpted by Oasim Karmieh, Slave to the Siren - edited in 399 copies - is taken from an artwork by Se7en. Just like the logo from which it's inspired, we find the mermaid holding sea serpents, crown on her head. More worryingly, this version of the mermaid brand questions us about our addiction to its drinks, its logo and by extension its merchandising... Satire or ode, the border is thin. Find the work of Se7en right here.

Credits : Martian Toys / Se7en

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